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BASH drivers, start your engines


There's always more than one way to do a job in the shell, and there may not be One Best Way to do that job, either. Nevertheless, different commands with the same output can differ in how long they take, how much memory they use and how hard they make the CPU work. Out of curiosity I trialled 6…

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On Heels of IBM Deal, Red Hat Boosts Community Linux With Fedora 29

eWEEK: With its $34B acquisition by IBM set for 2019, things continue to move forward for Red Hat's Linux efforts.

The alias And unalias Commands Explained With Examples

ostechnix: The alias And unalias Commands Explained With Examples

4 tips for learning Golang

Arriving in Golang land: A senior developer's journey.

What you need to know about the GPL Cooperation Commitment

The GPL Cooperation Commitment fosters innovation by freeing developers from fear of license termination.

Have you seen these personalities in open source? An inclusive community is a more creative and effective community.

LDAP Authentication In Linux

HowToForge: This howto will show you how to store your users in LDAP and authenticate some of the services against it.

UserLAnd Review: a little Linux in your pocket

 osjournal: Samsung has finally made real its promise of bringing a Linux desktop to its Galaxy phones.

How To Use Dropbox On Non-Ext4 Filesystems (Btrfs, Ext3, XFS, ZFS, Etc.) On Linux

 LinuxUprising: In case you can't switch to a different cloud storage provider or use an Ext4 filesystem without eCryptfs for your Dropbox folder location, you can use a simple tool, called dropbox-filesystem-fix

OpenStack Now Powers 75 Public Clouds Worldwide

eWEEK: While a lot of attention is paid to the big three public cloud providers, OpenStack is continuing to find a broad global audience.

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Valve has expanded the Steam Play whitelist to include DARK SOULS III and plenty more

Tags: Steam Play, Valve, Steam, WineThere I am, in bed about to fall asleep when my phone lights up as I forgot to put it on silent. Thankfully so,…

The Humble Dystopian Bundle is out with some nice Linux games included

Tags: Game Bundle, Humble StoreFor those of you after some fresh games, The Humble Dystopian Bundle is out and it includes a couple good Linux…

Crusader Kings II: Holy Fury smites its way to release, some thoughts

Tags: Review, DLC, Strategy, SteamDealing with all things related to faith and righteous violence, the latest expansion to the venerable medieval…

Deadly Days, the strategic zombie survival rogue-lite has changed dramatically, we have keys to give away

Tags: Steam, Indie Game, Early Access, Zombies, Rogue-lite, SurvivalIt's been a good few months since I last looked at the Early Access strategic…

The open source racer 'SuperTuxKart' is looking for testers to try their new online play

Tags: Racing, Open Source, Free GameSuperTuxKart [Official Site], one of the stalwarts of Linux open source gaming is finally getting online…

Project Hospital is a more serious hospital building game out with Linux support

Tags: Humble Store, GOG, Steam, Indie Game, Simulation, Strategy, UnityFor those who found Two Point Hospital a little too cute and lacking in depth,…

Feral Interactive are asking you to send the game port suggestions again

Tags: Feral InteractiveFeral Interactive, one of the only companies to be porting AAA games to Linux have put out a request for more port…

The Fertile Crescent is an indie RTS in development that looks quite promising

Tags: Indie Game,, Free Game, Unity, RTS, StrategyWith a style that resembles the original Age of Empires a little, The Fertile Crescent is…

NVIDIA released a new 415.13 beta driver recently for Linux

Tags: NVIDIA, Drivers, BetaOne I completely forgot to post about here, NVIDIA recently released the 415.13 beta driver for Linux. Released on the 8th…

The excellent theme park sim 'Parkitect' to leave Early Access November 29th with a campaign mode

Tags: Early Access, Indie Game, Simulation, Strategy, Humble Store, GOG, SteamI've been waiting on this day for quite some time! Parkitect is a truly…

Feral Interactive have put out the system requirements for Total War: WARHAMMER II, due on Linux this month

Tags: Feral Interactive, Strategy, Coming Soon, SteamReady your swords and your axe as Total War: WARHAMMER II is heading to Linux this month and…

Neuroslicers is a narrative driven, online competitive cyberpunk RTS that will have Linux support

Tags: RTS, Strategy, Indie Game, Coming SoonNeuroslicers from developer Dream Harvest seems like a very interesting title. A narrative driven, online…

Odd Realm is a sandbox settlement builder inspired by Dwarf Fortress and Rimworld with Linux support

Tags: Indie Game,, City Builder, Sandbox, Simulation, DRM Free, UnityInspired by the likes of Dwarf Fortress and Rimworld, Odd Realm is a…

Dungeon crawler Ebony Spire: Heresy has a rather nice Anniversary Update that's worth a look

Tags: Indie Game, Steam,, Dungeon CrawlerAfter managing to sell a few thousand copies, the dungeon crawler Ebony Spire: Heresy has a great…

Luna and the Moonling is a sweet puzzle game that's now available on Linux

Tags: Puzzle, Indie Game, SteamLuna and the Moonling from Greyborn Studios is a colourful puzzle game with an aim to put a new spin on block-pushing…