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Welcome to The Linux Rain!

By Andrew Powell, published 13/12/2013 in TheLinuxRain

We've launched!

Wait, what is The Linux Rain, I hear you ask with a bemused expression?

The Linux Rain is a new news and editorial website, based in the Land Down Under (Australia) but catering to everyone, everywhere. It focuses on all things Linux related, in particular gaming and software reviews/news, written with what I, self delegated editor-in-chief, hope is a professional edge but containing a sprinkle of humour and community engagement. With the way "news sites" and blogs have in many ways converged nowadays, this is probably an easy concept to grasp.

See below for a bit of an FAQ, also known as "questions I haven't been asked yet but most likely will"...

What makes this site different from the others that cover these topics?

Well I, the author of this site, am a GNU/Linux and FOSS enthusiast and have a real passion for all things related to the Linux world and free and open-source software. I use Linux everyday on all my personal computers, all the time.

I game on Linux, I develop/work on Linux and I even just lay back and enjoy my multimedia on Linux.

But at the same time, I'm also realistic and objective. I'll happily point out the various flaws and potential issues with the Linux OS in general, at least in terms of the desktop. I also strive to be equal to ALL Linux distributions. For example, I personally use Arch Linux every day as my daily driver, so to speak, but here at The Linux Rain you're just as likely to see, for example, Ubuntu or OpenSUSE to get news coverage and without any bias.

The only exceptions to this are articles that are opinion pieces by the author. However, these articles will always be clearly prefixed with an "Opinion" label or similar, so that you are aware that it is a specifically intended opinion piece.

I also like to think it's possible to provide a near perfect blend of proper (somewhat) professional news and reviews (etc) delivery with the more interactive and casual nature of a blog, ultimately providing you with content delivery that is kept to a standard and free of bias but still offers plenty of interaction with the community (and mostly of course, the readers).

What's with the name?

Well I love Linux. I also love rain, for many reasons. I plan to "shower" you with Linux related news etc, hehe...

Okay that was lame, but you get the point. Plus it kind of sounds like The Linux "Reign", so perhaps one could think a bit of double meaning there.

But really there's not much to the name, it's just two things I like plus it's fairly unique.

Dude, I swear I just saw an ad banner. I totally just ad-blocked you!

And that's perfectly fine! You have a right to block any adverts and I myself have done the same thing on various sites. But of course, if you would allow ads to show on my site it's certainly appreciated. Any money made from the ads is really only to help cover the hosting costs, but it all helps :)

What CMS is this site using?

That would be KirbyCMS, a PHP-powered, file-based CMS. That's right, everything is stored in files, no database required. Check it out if that sort of thing sounds appealing to you.

Could I write for The Linux Rain?

Short answer: yes.

Just please be aware it would be (at least for the time being unless this becomes a much bigger thing) unpaid and not an official thing by any means. However, submit an article to me and if's suitable and relevant I'll be happy to post it for you on the site, with you credited as the author and everything.

About the author

Andrew Powell is the editor and owner of The Linux Rain who loves all things Linux, gaming and everything in between.

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