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Humble Bundle Android 8 Adds 3 More Games

By Andrew Powell, published 26/12/2013 in News

With now a bit less than 6 days remaining the Humble Bundle Android 8 has now added another 3 games! As of writing, the average purchase price sits around $4.36, so if you haven't already picked up the Bundle, paying more than that average would net you the original 6 games plus the newly added 3.

The 3 games are:

  • Solar 2
  • The Bards Tale
  • Bad Hotel

All 3 new games are completely cross-platform (including of course in this case, Android) and also come with a downloadable soundtrack.

The Humble Bundle Android 8 has been going strongly and on a Linux related note, the total paid percentage (by platform) is pretty close to even with Mac, while the average purchase price by Linux users is currently the highest ($6.08).

For more information or if you wish to buy a Bundle, see the Humble Bundle page.

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