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Fixing Screen Resolution in The Book of Unwritten Tales 2

By Andrew Powell, published 21/06/2017 in Game-Fixes

KING Art's point-and-click adventure, The Book of Unwritten Tales 2, is a beautiful game. But you might have a hard time seeing much of the game properly if you ran into the problem I did - a wonky, improper fullscreen resolution that meant I couldn't even browse the settings menu and actually change the resolution to correct values. Thankfully it's easy enough to fix by editing the config file.

The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 seems to be a Unity-engine driven game, so perhaps this will also apply to other Unity games. But to be honest this is the first Unity title to give me the problem (I'm running on Arch Linux on an Intel G4560 Kaby Lake CPU, 16GB RAM and an AMD 380X 4GB GPU on Mesa 17.x/AMDGPU drivers, FYI).

The config file for the game is located at /home/<your username>/.config/unity3d/KING Art GmbH/The Book of Unwritten Tales 2/prefs

So, we'll just open the file in our favourite text editor, either by browsing to that folder with a file manager (making sure to enable "Show Hidden Files" in the appropriate file manager) or open it from the terminal. Eg:

gedit ~/.config/unity3d/KING\ Art\ GmbH/The\ Book\ of\ Unwritten\ Tales\ 2/prefs

Then it's just a matter of setting our proper resolution in the config file. Chances are, at the moment it will have some obscure, completely incorrect value, as it was in my case.

For a 1920x1080 display, for example:

  • Set the value 'Screenmanager Resolution Height' to '1080'
  • Set the value 'Screenmanager Resolution Width' to '1920'

It should then look like this:

Save, exit and you're good to go!

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