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File manager: open a terminal, but not here


Each of the two file managers I use — Thunar and Xfe — allows me to open a terminal in a selected directory. In Thunar, I right-click on a directory and choose Open Terminal Here, and in Xfe I use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + t. In both cases, though, the terminal window opens right on top of the fil…

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Quick Tip: Integrate Window Buttons into Xfce Panel


For any Xfce gurus who may have tried to emulate the Unity desktop look, or maybe just wanted to save a bit of screen real estate, this may not be new to you. For anyone else though, here's a tip on this neat functionality. It's no secret that the venerable Xfce desktop is very configurable,…

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Xfce 4.13 Development COPR Repo Available for Fedora


For those wanting to try out the latest development version packages for Xfce 4.13 (which will become 4.14 at the stable release) in Fedora, user 'nonamedotc' has set up a COPR repo to try out. The COPR repo provides packages for Rawhide, Fedora 25 and Fedora 26 and as one can imagine, anything…

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Tutorial: How to use the KWin Window Manager with Xfce


Is Xfce's default window manager (Xfwm4) getting you down? Not enough effects for your fancy? Or perhaps it's giving you that infamous screen tearing with the lack of OpenGL VSync? There's plenty of alternatives out there, but had you considered KDE's compositing window manager, KWin? It can be…

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Collabora & GStreamer 1.14

After a particularly long cycle of over 10 months, the GStreamer community accumulated a hefty batch of improvements

Node.js Is Now Available as a Snap on Ubuntu, Other GNU/Linux Distributions

NodeSource, the organization behind Node.js, announced they made a Snap package to allow Linux developers to more easily install the popular JavaScript runtime environment

Hybrid cloud security: Emerging lessons

 enterprisersproject: New and emerging security lessons becoming evident as hybrid cloud infrastructures grow up.

You Can Finally Send and Receive Money with Google Assistant on Android and iOS

If you live in the United States, it is possible to send money to your friends and family, as well as to receive money from your contacts using the Google Assistant virtual assistant on your Android or iOS mobile phone

How to create a Bash completion script

Learn how to create a Bash script that helps users work more efficiently and accurately.

How To Find If A CPU Supports Virtualization Technology (VT)

ostechnix: This tutorial describes four different methods to find if a CPU supports virtualization or not.

Where does OpenStack fit in a public cloud world?

As more companies turn to a hybrid cloud approach, the future looks bright for OpenStack.

Tips for building a Kubernetes proof of concept

Here's how to make a business case for Kubernetes.

How to setup an SFTP server on CentOS

HowToForge: SFTP stands for SSH File Transfer Protocol or Secure File Transfer Protocol.

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Doom (2016) could have been on Linux, id Software made a Linux version sound easy to do

Tags: VulkanDoom 2016 supports Vulkan and at GDC this year developers from id Software talked a little about it, including how easy a Linux version…

Turn-based RPG Ash of Gods: Redemption is now out with day-1 Linux support

Tags: GOG, SteamFor those in need of a good story game with turn-based battles and RPG elements, Ash of Gods: Redemption [GOG, Steam] is now out with…

Robocraft Royale could see Linux support if their release goes well

Tags: Battle Royale, Indie Game, SteamRobocraft Royale [Steam], a new Battle Royale game from Freejam (the makers of Robocraft) may see Linux support…

AMD has announced 'Radeon-Rays' an open source ray tracing SDK using Vulkan

Tags: AMD, Vulkan, Open SourceRay tracing seems to be all the rage at GDC this year, so AMD has announced Radeon-Rays, an open source ray tracing…

The rather relaxing clicker 'Lazy Galaxy' is now out of Early Access

Tags: Steam, Indie Game, Casual, ClickerClicker games are strange, I've never really been into them and then Lazy Galaxy [Steam] came along to make…

Streets of Rogue Alpha 47 released more with more disasters making it even more hilarious

Tags: Early Access, Action, RPG, Rogue-liteProbably one of the most entertaining Early Access games around, Streets of Rogue [Steam] is now even…

Try to out-drink Satan in Afterparty, the new game from the developer of Oxenfree

Tags: Steam, Indie Game, Teaser, AdventureAfterparty [Official Site], from the developer of Oxenfree is a game about two recently deceased friends…

Rocket League 'Tournaments' update releases on April 3rd

Tags: Sports, SteamA rather exciting update to Rocket League [Steam] is on the way, giving you the ability to run your own tournaments. It sounds…

Contain a crisis on a colonization ship in story-based puzzle game 'Algo Bot', now on Linux

Tags: Puzzle, Steam, Indie GameAlways on the look-out for new games, today I came across Algo Bot [Steam]. A story-based puzzle game where you're…

F1 2015 is currently free to grab, F1 2017 has a free weekend plus a sale

Tags: Racing, Free Game, Game SaleEyes on the road racing fans, as F1 2015 is currently going free to grab a permanent copy and F1 2017 has a free…

Another Surviving Mars patch is out, fixing loading saves on Linux and more

Tags: Simulation, Strategy, SteamAnother Surviving Mars [GOG, Steam] patch is out to keep polishing the game with bug fixes and some minor…

Maniac Mansion lives again on GOG, with a Linux download thanks to ScummVM

Tags: GOG, RetroGOG have revived another classic, this time we have Maniac Mansion, the 1987 adventure from Lucasfilm Games. A true retro game this…

Brutal action shooter 'RUINER' might finally arrive on Linux in April

Tags: Steam, Action, Coming Soon, Unreal EngineRUINER [Steam], the brutal action shooter from Reikon Games night finally arrive on Linux in April it…

Pizza Connection 3 is out with day-1 Linux support, some initial thoughts

Tags: GOG, Steam, SimulationUpdate: A patch is out that fixes the Linux text issue. Pizza Connection 3 [GOG, Steam], the simulation and management…

Avenge the death of your friends and family in the beat 'em up 9 Monkeys of Shaolin

Tags: Beat 'em up, Steam, Coming Soon9 Monkeys of Shaolin [Steam, Official Site] is a new beat 'em up from Sobaka Studio and Buka Entertainment where…