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How to manage alternating lines of text on the command line


In this article I've pulled together some command-line tips for alternating lines of text. Questions about alternating lines turn up regularly on online help forums, and they sometimes get complicated answers. Here I've tried to keep things simple. Interleaving lines For demonstration purposes I'll…

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The joys of ISOdates


It took me a fair while to get comfortable with the ISO 8601 date format. After so many years of using DD MMM YYYY, my old eyes and brain had some trouble understanding YYYY-MM-DD. Finally something clicked, and I now read 'ISOdates' easily and I really appreciate their advantages. The biggest…

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How to garble


In 2003 a strange paragraph made the rounds on email. It read: Aoccdrnig to rscheearch at an Elingsh uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, olny taht the frist and lsat ltteres are at the rghit pcleas. The rset can be a toatl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a…

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DMS to DD to KML with AWK and sed


In a 2014 Linux Rain article I describe a fast 'points plotter' for Google Earth. First I copy a list of latitude/longitudes (lat/lons) from a spreadsheet to the clipboard, then I launch a shell script with a keyboard shortcut. The script builds a KML file from the copied list and opens the KML for…

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Grouping things with AWK


In this article I explain one way to group data items with AWK arrays. The code is a little mysterious but the results are impressive, especially in my second example! Case 1: Cricket stats The table 'runs' is tab-separated and lists the 86 national team cricket players who scored (or have so far…

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Building sequences of numbers on the command line


There are two easy-to-use tools for generating numerical sequences. 'Brace expansion' is a BASH shell built-in, while the seq command is included in the GNU/Linux 'coreutils' package. Each tool has its peculiarities and advantages, as shown below. Simple sequences One difference between the two…

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Building a Desktop Wikipedia Checker


I often look something up in Wikipedia when reading non-browser documents, like PDFs, ODTs and emails. I wanted to have a little desktop window for those look-ups - somewhere I could check Wikipedia without opening a browser and without leaving the document I'm reading. This article describes how I…

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How to repeat a script, or not


I have a data-entry script which adds records to a plain-text data table. It's a fairly complicated script with a GUI dialog, and until recently it added one record at a time. To add another record, I had to launch the script again. Was there a simple way (I asked myself) to re-run the script, or…

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On dates and stuffed non-dates


Nothing gives my wife the Screaming Meemies like dates in spreadsheets. Unless she formats the target cell in advance as text, the spreadsheet will turn a perfectly innocent, non-date string like 23/2/6 into '23-Feb-2006'. When she types 6420-11-3, according to both LibreOffice Calc and Gnumeric,…

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The header line: how to add, delete and ignore it


In a plain-text table, the first or header line usually contains the names of the fields. In this article I've pulled together a variety of ways to add and delete a header, and also how to do things with the rest of the table while leaving the header intact as the first line in the file. Add a…

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News Elsewhere

LibreOffice 5.0.3 to Bring GTK+, DOCX Fixes, and More

The Document Foundation has revealed that the first Release Candidate for the LibreOffice 5.0.3 branch has been released and is now available for download.

ONOS Now a Linux Foundation Collaborative Project

EnterpriseNetworkingPlanet: Linux Foundation is now home to yet another software defined networking (SDN) effort.

Hash Tables—Theory and Practice

LinuxJournal: Hash tables can be implemented in any programming language, including Awk.

FreeBSD/PC-BSD 10.2 vs. Ubuntu 15.04/15.10 Benchmarks

Phoronix: It has been a while since last running any BSD vs. Linux benchmarks, so I've started some fresh comparisons using the latest releases of various BSDs and Linux distributions.

The importance of face to face in the open source world In his latest Six Degrees column, Jono Bacon discusses the intangible value of meeting in person.

GNOME Software Is Getting a New Rating System with Kudos

 softpedia: The GNOME developers are preparing to reintroduce a rating system for GNOME Software, but nothing as simple as the old one.

8 Useful Commands to Monitor Swap Space Usage in Linux

 tecmint: Memory management is an essential aspect of every System Administrator to improve the performance of a Linux system.

You'll soon be able to run Windows programs on select Android devices thanks to WINE

 wine-reviews: While most Linux purists prefer to stick to programs natively designed to run on their favorite distros, there are times when a user runs into a wall. Latest Articles

Abstract Physics Platformer IO Has Received Massive Update And A Price Cut

Tags:Steam,Puzzle,Platformer,ArcadeThe popular physics platformer iO from developer Gamious was released last year and has now received a massive…

Our Linux Game Release Calendar Has Been Slightly Revamped

Tags:Site Info,EditorialJust a heads up Linux gamers, our release calendar has been updated. It will no longer spam the entire year out to you when…

Murder Miners FPS Is Being Ported To Linux By Ethan Lee, Looks Like Fun

Tags:Action,Coming Soon,FPS,SteamMurder Miners is a highly rated indie first-person shooter, and it has been confirmed by the developers and porter…

Buying Linux Games From Cheap Bundle Websites & Stores, Some Important Information

Tags:Game Sale,Game Bundle,EditorialSince I see a lot of confusion about where to buy Linux games from, I decided to write up some information for…

Linux Prototype Available For Platformer RPG Indivisible From Skullgirls Developer

Tags:RPG,Demo,Crowdfunding,Adventure,ActionSkullgirls developer Lab Zero Games has released the Linux prototype for Indivisible and are still seeking…

Victor Vran: Cauldron Of Chaos Dungeon Free DLC Released

Tags:Action,DLC,RPG,Steam Good lord I love Haemimont Games and Victor Vran. Another free DLC has been released, and this time it offers a fresh…

Shutshimi, A Randomized Shoot'em Up About A Muscle-bound Fish

Tags:Action,Arcade,Initial Thoughts,Steam The description of Shutshimi was too hilarious to pass up, so I decided to take a look at this recent Linux…

Brigador, The Isometric Action Game With Destructible Environments Will Enter Early Access On October 16th

Tags:Action,Coming Soon,Early Access,SteamBrigador has me seriously excited, it's an isometric action game with fully destructible environments and…

Firewatch, The Stunning First-person Adventure Game To Release On 9th February 2016 For Linux

Tags:Steam,Coming Soon,AdventureFirewatch has me excited, as it seems to offer an interesting story and some quite striking visuals. Anyone else…

The Funding Crowd 51

Tags:Editorial,CrowdfundingWelcome to issue 51 of The Funding Crowd, where we have as many as three biggies and a bunch of exciting hidden gems to…

CRYPTARK Is A Really Quite Good Sci-fi Roguelike Shooter In Early Access For Linux, Some Thoughts

Tags:Steam,Initial Thoughts,Early Access,ActionNice voice acting? Check. Nice graphics? Check. Massive lasers trying to destroy me? Crap. I've found…

Broforce Will Launch On Linux With The Full Release On 15th October

Tags:Steam,Platformer,Coming Soon,ActionBroforce the massively popular action game will come to Linux with the official release on the 15th of…

Explore & Shape Planets In The Gorgeous ASTRONEER, Coming To Linux

Tags:Unreal Engine,Sandbox,Coming Soon,AdventureASTRONEER was quite a surprise to see sent in, and it looks fantastic. You are an astronaut exploring…

Not A Hero & Little Inferno Now Available DRM Free On GOG

Tags:GOGHeads up GOG fans, Not A Hero and Little Inferno are both now available on GOG. If you have been holding out for either, now's the time.About…

InfiniTrap, A Hardcore 2D Maze Game Made On Linux, We Have Keys For You

Tags:Puzzle,Platformer,,Indie GameThe developer of InfiniTrap has sent in a few keys for us to giveaway, it's interesting because it's made on…