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A script to find empty fields in a table


It's pretty easy to see which fields are empty in the tab-separated table demo (below). The 2nd and 4th field, Col2 and Col4, have no visible characters at all in the rows below the header line: That was simple, but what if the table is huge, with lots of fields and records? Eyeballing for fields…

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Transposing rows and columns: 3 methods


Swapping the rows and columns in a table on the command line would seem to be a fairly easy thing to do. For example, with this tab-separated table (called 'tabbed') as input: get this tab-separated table ('swapped') as output: Datamash Transposing rows and columns is indeed easy if you have the…

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Split a table and number the pieces: two methods


I worked on these bits of code to simplify a shell script of mine. You really wouldn't want to see the script's original commands here — they're way too ugly! The new commands are much prettier and work well. The problem To simplify the story, here's a comma-separated table called demo, sorted on t…

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Software is not data


You know that trick where the magician snatches the tablecloth from the table, leaving the plates, cutlery and glassware in place? Watch as I do something similar on my computer. The screenshot above shows the top left corner of a large data table of mine in a spreadsheet. Drum roll, please... …

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On dates and stuffed non-dates


Nothing gives my wife the Screaming Meemies like dates in spreadsheets. Unless she formats the target cell in advance as text, the spreadsheet will turn a perfectly innocent, non-date string like 23/2/6 into '23-Feb-2006'. When she types 6420-11-3, according to both LibreOffice Calc and Gnumeric,…

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The header line: how to add, delete and ignore it


In a plain-text table, the first or header line usually contains the names of the fields. In this article I've pulled together a variety of ways to add and delete a header, and also how to do things with the rest of the table while leaving the header intact as the first line in the file. Add a…

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Joining Tables on the Command-Line


This article compares 3 different ways to join tables on a common field. All 3 work OK on small tables, but there's a big difference in speed when the tables to be joined are large, as shown below. Table joining isn't something you need to do if you store data in a simple, flat-file database like a…

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Tips on Tables


Big data or small data, a lot of it comes these days as plain text arranged in rows and columns. Here are a few tips on working with tables of text, both in text editors and on the command line. CSV isn't what it seems. Text tables are often exported from databases and spreadsheets as…

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Librem 5 was successfully crowdfunded about two weeks ago when it surpassed its goal of $1.5 million, but the campaign continued to run

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Wine 2.0.3 comes three months after the previous maintenance release

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EnterprisersProject: Guidance on how to explain Kubernetes and orchestration in plain terms that people can at least begin to understand.

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