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Linux Advocacy - My Take


I recently had something of a debate on the meaning Linux Advocacy and thought I should offer explanation of my take on the topic. Before that, to clarify my background: I’m not by any means an uber-geek, one of those people who see matrix-like code streams everywhere and solve any tech issue with a…

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Enlightenment 0.21 Released With Its Much Better Wayland Support

Phoronix: Another Enlightenment release, another round of significant Wayland improvements.

Makulu's LinDoz Is a Smooth Windows-Cinnamon Blend

LinuxInsider: If you want a classy distro with the look and feel of the Microsoft platform, the MakuluLinux LinDoz edition will feed your nostalgia.

4MLinux 18.0 Distro Released with Support for LibreOffice 5.2, Thunderbird 45.1

Powered by Linux kernel 4.4.8 LTS, 4MLinux 18.0 has been declared stable

What makes up the Fedora kernel?

Every Fedora system runs a kernel. Many pieces of code come together to make this a reality.

Linux Mint 18.1 to Come with Cinnamon 3.2 & MATE 1.16, Flatpak and Snap Support

 Linux Mint 18 is now out, so it's time to start thinking about Linux Mint 18.1

Using ATA Over Ethernet (AoE) on CentOS 7 (Initiator and Target)

HowToForge: This guide explains how you can set up an AoE target and an AoE initiator (client), both running CentOS 7.

Linux Mint 18 Brings Mint-Y Theme to Linux Desktop

eWEEK: The Linux Mint 18 milestone release is the first major update for the popular desktop Linux distribution in 2016 and follows the Linux Mint 17.3 update that debuted in December 2015.

Install Nagios core 4.1.1 on Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial Xerus) Server

 UbuntuGeek: Nagios Core is an Open Source system and network monitoring application.

MeX Operating System Brings Cinnamon 3.0 & Linux Kernel 4.6 to Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

MeX Build 160630 is now available for download powered by the Linux 4.6 kernel. Latest Articles

The most popular Linux & SteamOS gaming articles for June 2016, 190 in total

Tags:Article OverviewHere is a look back at the 15 most popular articles on GamingOnLinux for June 2016, an easy way to for you to keep up to date on…

New Steam Client Beta adds fixes for 'upcoming' Vulkan games

Tags:Vulkan,Steam,EditorialSo here's something fun, the latest Steam Client Beta has 'Fixed compatibility issues with some upcoming Vulkan games'.…

Major new version of the open source itch store application,Open Source The latest and greatest itch app for the games store is now available, it's a pretty huge release. New features …

Join us for a special livestream tonight at around 7:30PM UTC

Tags:Video,LivestreamTonight is our usual weekly livestream and it's a little bit special. I have managed to rope Samsai back in for a night along…

Interested in interactive fiction? Then you should check this Choice of Games bundle on Steam

Tags:Game Bundle,Game Sale,SteamThe Every Game from Choice of Games bundle is currently with a 25% discount because of the Steam Summer Sale. It…

Apparently desktop Linux marketshare has finally hit that elusive 2% mark

Tags:EditorialAccording to the website 'Netmarketshare', Desktop Linux has finally hit 2% in June after three consecutive months of growth. I would…

Pro Pinball Ultra now available on SteamOS & Linux

Tags:Arcade,Early Access,Steam Pinball is something Linux has been lacking in variety, so it's pleasing we get another! Pro Pinball Ultra is now…

Space station management game, The Spatials: Galactology, is confirmed to be coming for Linux

Tags:Strategy,Steam,Simulation,Early AccessThis is an expanded and reimagined version of the management sim, The Spatials. It’s yet to be…

Oxenfree, an adventure game with supernatural elements, available on Linux

Tags:Adventure,DRM Free,SteamThis well-received indie title has been ported over to Linux. Combining plenty of elements of 80s teen movies and…

Developer breaks silence about 'The Silent Age', a point-and-click adventure for which a Linux port was promised

Tags:Steam,Coming Soon,AdventureThe Silent Age has been out for more than a year right now, and some months after its release the developers replied…

imprint-X from Morgondag is now on Kickstarter, a causal puzzle game set on an Asteroid Base

Tags:Puzzle,Indie Game,Crowdfunding Morgondag, the developer of RymdResa has launched a new Kickstarter for their puzzle game set on an asteroid…

Nightdive Studios aren't sure when the Linux version of the System Shock remake will be available

Tags:Crowdfunding,Editorial I shot off a message to Nightdive Studios about their Linux plans for System Shock since Linux is a stretch goal. The…

ZED by Eagre Games reaches the funding goal, developer thanks GOL and the Linux community

Tags:Site Info,Indie Game,Editorial,Crowdfunding I'm never one to shy away from patting my fellow Linux users on the back, so here it is pats. Thanks…

Some essential mods to try in XCOM 2 that don't break the balance or change gameplay

Tags:Strategy,Steam,Mod,Editorial I love XCOM 2, it's probably my favourite strategy game right now. The problem is, it's still a bit of a buggy…

Crush Your Enemies looks like a fun and simple RTS coming to Linux this July

Tags:Coming Soon,Steam,StrategyCrush Your Enemies from Vile Monarch and Gambitious Digital Entertainment looks like a pretty fun little RTS game and…