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Distro Wars: It's All Linux


This is likely a topic covered plenty of times, and as such I won't make this a too in-depth article, but I feel it's something always worth reiterating and remembering that no matter what distribution of Linux (or GNU/Linux if you prefer) you use... it's all Linux. You only have to whiz around the…

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Installing Firestorm (Second Life viewer) for Linux


Unless you've lived under a virtual rock since 2003, you have probably heard of Linden Lab's baby, Second Life at some point. The online virtual world, where you can literally pretty much do anything, might not be at the peak popularity it once experienced but there is still plenty going on. If…

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How to manage alternating lines of text on the command line


In this article I've pulled together some command-line tips for alternating lines of text. Questions about alternating lines turn up regularly on online help forums, and they sometimes get complicated answers. Here I've tried to keep things simple. Interleaving lines For demonstration purposes I'll…

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The joys of ISOdates


It took me a fair while to get comfortable with the ISO 8601 date format. After so many years of using DD MMM YYYY, my old eyes and brain had some trouble understanding YYYY-MM-DD. Finally something clicked, and I now read 'ISOdates' easily and I really appreciate their advantages. The biggest…

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Impressions of a Chromebook and Linuxy Goodness


Feeling like something different, I recently bought a HP Chromebook 11. In this article I give my impressions on the device itself and also some Linux-specific goodness thanks to something caled Crouton, plus a few thoughts on working in the "cloud". As someone who uses a typical GNU/Linux…

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Software is not data


You know that trick where the magician snatches the tablecloth from the table, leaving the plates, cutlery and glassware in place? Watch as I do something similar on my computer. The screenshot above shows the top left corner of a large data table of mine in a spreadsheet. Drum roll, please... …

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How to repeat a script, or not


I have a data-entry script which adds records to a plain-text data table. It's a fairly complicated script with a GUI dialog, and until recently it added one record at a time. To add another record, I had to launch the script again. Was there a simple way (I asked myself) to re-run the script, or…

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On dates and stuffed non-dates


Nothing gives my wife the Screaming Meemies like dates in spreadsheets. Unless she formats the target cell in advance as text, the spreadsheet will turn a perfectly innocent, non-date string like 23/2/6 into '23-Feb-2006'. When she types 6420-11-3, according to both LibreOffice Calc and Gnumeric,…

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The header line: how to add, delete and ignore it


In a plain-text table, the first or header line usually contains the names of the fields. In this article I've pulled together a variety of ways to add and delete a header, and also how to do things with the rest of the table while leaving the header intact as the first line in the file. Add a…

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Joining Tables on the Command-Line


This article compares 3 different ways to join tables on a common field. All 3 work OK on small tables, but there's a big difference in speed when the tables to be joined are large, as shown below. Table joining isn't something you need to do if you store data in a simple, flat-file database like a…

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Canonical Releases Snapd 2.13 Snappy Tool for Ubuntu 16.04 and Fedora 24 (COPR)

Snapd 2.13 is here to introduce a bunch of new interfaces

Tor Addresses an Important Bug Related to the ReachableAddresses Option

softpedia: Tor comes exactly twenty days after the release of Tor to address an important issue that has been recently discovered in the ReachableAddresses option.

The cars of the future will run Automotive Grade Linux

Automotive Grade Linux is about collaborating to build the car of the future, and doing that through rapid innovation.

Technical documentation doesn't have to be dull

Think about the kind of documentation you like to read, and write that. If people don't like it, you can be sure they'll let you know.

Starting with Linux in the early days

ZDnet: Linus Torvalds created Linux, but many others, both developers and executives, helped make it the world's most successful operating system.

How to hide files inside images in Linux

ostechnix: A simple and easiest way to hide files inside images in Linux. Latest Articles

The Dark Mod 2.04 update released after a year of fixes

Tags:Open Source,Free Game,Action,StealthThe Dark Mod is a completely free first-person stealth game inspired by Thief. The game had a big release…

Knights of Pen & Paper +1 Edition is now available on GOG with Linux support

Tags:DRM Free,GOG,RPGGood news GOG fans, Knights of Pen & Paper +1 Edition is now officially available on GOG with Linux support right away. It's…

Tahira: Echoes of the Astral Empire, a visually appealing and beautifully presented tactical turn-based RPG

Tags:Strategy,Steam,RPG,Initial Thoughts,GOGTahira: Echoes of the Astral Empire is another tactical RPG on Linux so I took a look at the game thanks…

Action RPG Victor Vran updated with an interesting Dynamic Resolution graphical option, local co-op coming soon

Tags:Action,RPG,Steam Victor Vran is a very good action RPG, if you haven't picked it up yet, just do it already! Anyway, the game has been updated…

Overland, the itch exclusive First Access survival and strategy game is now open to all to buy

Tags:Survival,,Initial Thoughts,Indie Game,Early Access,Unity3DOverland, is a very, very cool survival game and the developers have now…

Quadrilateral Cowboy public Linux beta to go live on Friday

Tags:Beta,Coming Soon,SteamFor those wanting to try out Blendo Games latest with 'Quadrilateral Cowboy', the good news is you will be able to on…

Play as superpowered 'Mr Shifty' in this upcoming top-down action game

Tags:Adventure,Action,Indie GameMr Shifty is a game that clearly was inspired by Hotline Miami, but features different aesthetics and is focused on…

Upcoming ragdoll small platformer 'City Climber' is looking for votes at Steam Greenlight

Tags:Indie Game,Greenlight,PlatformerCity Climber is an upcoming good looking platformer where you need to control a ragdoll character using your…

Kingdom Rush Frontiers is now available on Linux

Tags:Tower Defence,Strategy,SteamKingdom Rush Frontiers the latest Tower Defence game from Ironhide Game Studio has just released for Linux! This…

Vanguard Princess, a popular 2D fighting game is now on Linux & SteamOS

Tags:SteamOS,Steam,Action Fighting games are in short supply on Linux, so Vanguard Princess has come along to help fill the void for us. A few…

Hot Lava announced by Klei Entertainment, Linux support is planned

Tags:Action,Adventure,Coming Soon,Indie Game,SteamKlei Entertainment have announced their next game titled 'Hot Lava'. They are already planning a…

In Case of Emergency, Release Raptor has been cancelled and refunds are being offered

Tags:Early Access,Editorial,Steam Well I didn't see this coming at all, I got told in our IRC moments ago that In Case of Emergency, Release Raptor…

Editorial: I ditched SteamOS in favour of a normal Linux distribution for my gaming

Tags:SteamOS,EditorialI have been debating whether to write this up for a while, but here I am. I have completely ditched SteamOS in favour of Ubuntu…

Agenda, control an organization trying to take over the world in this strategy game

Tags:Coming Soon,Simulation,Steam,StrategyAgenda is a rather cool sounding strategy game where you're trying to take over the world. It's due to…

Sunless Sea expansion Zubmariner releases on October 11th with Linux support

Tags:Survival,Steam,GOG,DLC,Coming SoonSunless Sea is about to get bigger, as Zubmariner has been confirmed for release on October 11th with Linux…