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How to Write Good Software


Software must be free as in freedom Good software is Free Software. I will avoid using the term "open source" as it doesn't cover a social side at all, which is equally as important, as the technology itself. You can read more about this from here. Widely accepted tools and languages Good software…

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B1 Free Archiver: a simple solution


Switching to Linux requires users to abandon their usual set of favourite programs and to employ what is available. In terms of archive utilities the first and most obvious choice is the GNOME desktop environment File Roller. But does a Linux neophyte ready to get into all that stuff at once? Let’s f…

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NetBSD 7.0.2 Operating System Officially Released, Available for Download Now

After spending six months in development, the NetBSD 7.0.2 release is now available for those running NetBSD 7.0 or NetBSD 7.0.1,

AMD Rolls Out AMDGPU-PRO 16.40 Driver for Ubuntu and Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Designed for newer AMD Radeon GPUs, the AMDGPU-PRO 16.40 driver comes two and a half months after the release of the AMDGPU-PRO 16.30 update,

Configuring WINE with Winetricks

If winecfg is a screwdriver, winetricks is a power drill.

Ubuntu Snappy Core 16 Release Candidate 2 Out Now with Raspberry Pi 3 Fixes

Snappy developer Michael Vogt informed us about the release of the RC2 milestone.

Docker 1.12.3 App Container Engine Updates Buildtags for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS ARMhf

Docker 1.12.3 updates the new Swarm Mode feature introduced in the Docker 1.12 series by improving the conversion of restart-policy

OpenStack Building the Cloud for the Next 50 Years (and Beyond)

VIDEO: Two OpenStack Foundation executives talk about what has gone wrong, what has gone right and what's next for the open-source cloud.

Five 3D printing projects for Halloween

Learn how to make these five 3D printed Halloween decorations that show varied printing techniques.

How OpenStack mentoring breaks down cultural barriers

Victoria Martinez de la Cruz is no stranger to OpenStack's mentorship opportunities. Latest Articles

The Steam 2016 Halloween sale has some nice Linux games for cheap

Tags:Game Sale,SteamIf you're a bit low on funds, you might like to know that Steam is doing a 2016 Halloween sale with some nice Linux games on…

Weekly livestream tonight at 19:45 UTC, come join the fun

Tags:LivestreamTonight we get a little bit mad, as I dive into the world of Mad Max once more for your viewing pleasure! At 19:45 UTC on our Twitch:…

Black Mesa, the very popular fan-made recreation of Half-Life is now on Linux in beta

Tags:Action,Early Access,FPS,Steam It's finally here! Black Mesa [Steam, Official Site] is now officially available for Linux in beta form. It looks…

Why GNU/Linux ports can be less performant, a more in-depth answer

Tags:EditorialI'm mirv. I have been using GNU/Linux for quite a long time, and programming OpenGL since GL1.2. In my (limited) spare time, I help out…

Using Nvidia's NVENC with OBS Studio makes Linux game recording really great

Tags:Editorial,HowToI had been meaning to try out Nvidia's NVENC for a while, but I never really bothered as I didn't think it would make such a…

Feral Interactive's Linux ports may come with Vulkan sooner than we thought (UPDATED)

Tags:Feral Interactive,VulkanNote: Article updated to be clearer, with the actual quote of what they said. I didn't expect this so soon, but it looks…

Linux community has been sending their love to Feral Interactive & Aspyr Media

Tags:Aspyr Media,Editorial,Feral InteractiveThis is awesome to see, people in the community have sent both Feral Interactive & Aspyr Media some…

Thoughts on 'Stellaris' with the 'Leviathans Story Pack' and latest patch, a better game that still needs work

Tags:Strategy,Steam,Initial Thoughts,DLCStellaris [Steam, Official Site] has come a long way since the initial release, so I checked back on how it…

Why Linux games often perform worse than on Windows

Tags:EditorialI still see so much confusion and outright misinformation being spread about why a lot of Linux games perform worse than Windows, so…

Slime Rancher, the awesome game about farming adorable slimes has been updated

Tags:Early Access,Steam,GOG,Adventure Slime Rancher [Steam, GOG, Official Site] is a little favourite of mine, as it has some pretty fun gameplay and…

Game porter Ethan Lee has done a write-up of the recent SteamDevDays

Tags:Editorial,SteamGame porter Ethan Lee, who has done tons of Linux ports went to SteamDevDays and he has now done a write-up of the experience. It…

Meadow, an odd 'forum in games clothing' is now available with Linux support

Tags:Steam,Indie Game Meadow [Steam, Official Site], from the developers of Shelter is a purely online game where there's no objectives, and it just…

Some thoughts on 'Pavilion', the stylish fourth-person puzzling adventure

Tags:Adventure,Initial Thoughts,Puzzle,Steam The developer of 'Pavilion' [Humble Store, Steam, Official Site] was kind enough to send in a key to…

Looking to capture gameplay from one Linux PC on another, what should I be getting?

Tags:HardwareUpdate: Turns out using Nvidia's NVENC with OBS Studio actually works really nicely. Something I have been noticing recently is that a…

Streets of Rogue, the awesome RPG rogue-like mega-game is going to support online co-op

Tags:Demo,Free Game,Indie Game,Roguelike,RPG,Sandbox,Unity3DStreets of Rogue [Official Site] is already an extremely cool game, but now it's about to…