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New Simple Scan Designs Emerge; Seeking Devs to Implement Them


Simple Scan is one of my personal favourite and perhaps even one of the "essential" apps on the Linux desktop for me. It does what it says on the tin: it's simple and it scans, with a nice preview system and enough options to be decently functional. Some new designs for the app have…

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Xfce 4.13 Development COPR Repo Available for Fedora


For those wanting to try out the latest development version packages for Xfce 4.13 (which will become 4.14 at the stable release) in Fedora, user 'nonamedotc' has set up a COPR repo to try out. The COPR repo provides packages for Rawhide, Fedora 25 and Fedora 26 and as one can imagine, anything…

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KDE Plasma gets Google Drive Integration


KDE Plasma and Google Drive users rejoice - you will soon get Google Drive integration in the KDE desktop, allowing you to browse your files in the Dolphin file manager and Plasma Folder View applets. Elvis Angelaccio announced it today on his blog. Apparently it's pretty much ready to go, though…

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Over a Month On - Conclusion to the GNOME Shell Challenge


Over a month ago I embarked on my own personal challenge to use GNOME Shell (otherwise just known as GNOME 3) for an entire week. That week happened and went, I wrote some thoughts I had after that initial week, but did not officially end my usage of the Shell. Fast forward to now... I'm still…

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First Release Of KDE's Plasma 5 Desktop Arrives


For those looking forward to the next-gen incarnation of the KDE Plasma Desktop, the first release of Plasma 5 has now arrived. A polished up UI, new default desktop theme and high-DPI support are some of the big obvious changes while still managing to maintain the traditional design and workflow.…

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Corebird, An Alternative GTK+3 Twitter Client


If you're like me, you may not have heard much about Corebird, a native GTK+3 Twitter client. Which is a bit surprising really, as Corebird is a very nice and stable application that holds it's own with any of the other clients out there and deserves more love. There's a few Linux Twitter clients…

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GNOME Shell Challenge Update - Analysis and Revelations


Well, amazingly, it's already almost been a full week since I started the GNOME Shell Challenge. I know updates have been slow to come, but rest assured I have been and still am using GNOME Shell full-time since the challenge began. First of all, a few points from my experience so far: GNOME…

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The GNOME Shell Challenge


The mission: use GNOME Shell as the primary desktop for an entire week. Do I choose to accept it? Yes. It's easy enough to try something for a short time and discard it in a negative manner, which has been the case for me with GNOME Shell in the past, but perhaps it can be fun to challenge yourself…

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How To Install MATE 1.8 In Ubuntu 14.04 And Give It A Classic Ubuntu Look And Feel


If there's one thing that's undeniable in the GNU/Linux world at the moment, is that users' tastes can be as diverse as the choices of desktop interfaces we have available and that there is no true one-size-fits-all desktop. In addition to this, there is no doubt a vocal group of users who reject…

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Is Ubuntu's Unity Really All That Bad Nowadays?


Now, don't get me wrong - when it comes to choice of desktop interface it's a very subjective matter and often a matter of taste and what you, as the user, finds most comfortable and/or productive. Still, browse through various forums, comment sections or blogs across the internet concerning Unity…

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News Elsewhere

Kubernetes on AWS Leads CNCF Cloud Native Survey

 itprotoday: By this time next year Amazon will be competing with itself as far as Kubernetes on AWS goes.

How To Install Git on CentOS 7

Git is a distributed version control system, which you can use to track the code changes (versions) while developing software.

Personal Backups with Duplicati on Linux

HowToForge: This tutorial is for performing personal backups to local USB hard drives, having encryption, deduplication and compression.

How to squeeze the most out of Linux file compression

NetworkWorld: Linux systems offer lots of options for compressing files.

Mining cryptocurrency with Raspberry Pi and Storj Storj uses a proof-of-retrievability system allowing users "rent out" spare disk space and get paid monthly in Storj coin.

How To Count The Number Of Files And Folders/Directories In Linux

2DayGeek: Set of tricky commands that helps you to count files and folders in Linux.

Oh My Fish! Make Your Shell Beautiful

ostechnix: Oh My Fish is a Fishshell framework that allows you to install packages which extend or modify the look and feel of your shell.

How to enable Nested Virtualization in KVM on CentOS 7 / RHEL 7

Nested virtualization means to configure virtualization environment inside a virtual machine.

Create a free Apache SSL certificate with Let's Encrypt on CentOS & RHEL

LinuxTechLab: Let's Encrypt is a free, automated & open certificate authority that is supported by ISRG

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Sweet 2D RPG 'LandTraveller' updated with a ton of new content

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Bystander, a game that looks similar to Papers, Please adds Linux support

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Party Panic adds a board game mode in a free update, looks like good fun

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ARK: Survival Evolved is currently broken on Linux, water apparently fixed and ARK: Aberration released

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The release trailer for Finding Paradise, the follow-up of To the Moon is up

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The End Is Nigh for Linux gamers is now out of beta on Steam

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The GOG winter sale is on, you can grab Grim Fandango Remastered for free

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Open-ended puzzle game 'Opus Magnum' from Zachtronics has left Early Access

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Battle simulation game where you create units 'Hyper Knights: Battles' is now out

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The Ultimate Trivia Challenge might be a good choice for a party

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The Rocket League 'Frosty Fest' event is now live

Tags: Sports, SteamFrom now until January 2nd the Rocket League [Steam] 'Frosty Fest' event is live allowing you to earn some special items. If…

The Linux-powered Ataribox will be available to pre-order on December 14th

Tags: HardwareI'm quite unclear on just what's going on with the Linux-powered retro console, but the Ataribox [Official Site] is going up for…

Bad Pad, a hard-rock comedy platformer with a lot of promise has Linux support

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