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B1 Free Archiver: a simple solution


Switching to Linux requires users to abandon their usual set of favourite programs and to employ what is available. In terms of archive utilities the first and most obvious choice is the GNOME desktop environment File Roller. But does a Linux neophyte ready to get into all that stuff at once? Let’s f…

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How To Setup OpenVPN Server In 5 Minutes on Ubuntu Server

 Nixcraft: OpenVPN is a full-featured SSL VPN (virtual private network). It implements OSI layer 2 or 3 secure network extension using the SSL/TLS protocol.

antiX 16 "Berta Cceres" Linux OS Arrives without systemd, Based on Debian 8.5

antiX 16 is one of the few distros that ship without the modern systemd init system, nor systemd-shim

How to Use Sagator, an Antivirus/Antispam Gateway to Protect Your Mail Server

Sagator is an antivirus/anti-spam gateway for Linux mail servers written in Python

Chrome vulnerability lets attackers steal movies from streaming services

Widevine EME/CDM, opens an easy way for attackers to hijack protected content

FFmpeg 3.1 "Laplace" Open-Source Multimedia Framework Officially Released

FFmpeg 3.1 is here as a drop-in replacement for the massive FFmpeg 3.0 "Einstein" release

Fedora 24 Pushes Linux Boundaries

LinuxInsider: Fedora 24 is the result of Fedora's drive to provide the latest powerful open source tools and components to a variety of end users

Linux Top 3: Fedora 24, Peppermint 7 and Solus 1.2

LinuxPlanet: Lots of things to look at last week

openSUSE users are growing by the month

iTwire: The number of users of openSUSE, the community GNU/Linux distribution supported by the Germany SUSE Linux company, has grown, with an average of 400,000 DVD images being downloaded each month

The Internet Without Connection, Free Endless OS For Emerging Markets

Forbes: There are four billion people on the planet without PCs or access to affordable personal computers. Latest Articles

Factorio 0.13 released, the changelog is massive, much improved networking too

Tags:DRM Free,Humble Store,Sandbox,Steam,StrategyFactorio is an absolute gem of a sandbox game and I love it. It's another game I'm terrible scared…

AMD will be hosting a reddit 'ask me anything' and giving away 14 RX 480 graphics cards

Tags:AMD,EditorialAMD are doing something pretty amazing, they will be doing a reddit AMA with the chance of anyone who comments to win one of…

Stellaris patch Asimov 1.2 released, it's a good one

Tags:Strategy,Steam I've been scared to click that play button on Stellaris recently, as it sucks up so much time it's crazy. The patch named Asimov…

Dolphin, the Gamecube and Wii emulator is working on a Vulkan backend

Tags:Emulation,Open SourceI love emulators, I think they are a fantastic way to keep old platforms alive. Even with the grey area around roms I think…

Anima Gate of Memories, the good looking third person action RPG should be on Linux soon

Tags:Action,Coming Soon,RPG,Steam The developer of Anima Gate of Memories has stated that they expect the Linux version to be out in around 15 days…

Deep Silver confirm Homefront: The Revolution is still in the works for Linux

Tags:Action,Coming Soon,FPS,SteamGood news for FPS fans as Deep Silver have confirmed again that Homefront: The Revolution is still in the works for…

Desktop Environments have been added to the user statistics graphs

Tags:Survey,Site InfoIf you would be so kind as to update your PC Info once again, there is now a Desktop Environment picker as requested.The place…

Announcing the GamingOnLinux wallpaper competition

Tags:CompetitionI need a new wallpaper, and I would very much like one that in some way has GamingOnLinux branding on it. Here's your chance to shine…

The Wine Development Release 1.9.13 Is Now Available

Tags:Wine,Open Source,Beta The Wine team released today another development release of their software. Version 1.9.13 has many small changes…

FORCED SHOWDOWN now available on Linux & SteamOS

Tags:Steam,RPG,ActionThe developers of FORCED SHOWDOWN have emailed in to let us know that the deck building action twin-stick game is now available…

Two Worlds Epic Edition openworld action RPG now on GOG for Linux

Tags:Wine,RPG,GOG,Action GOG have now added in a Linux build for Two Worlds Epic Edition that requires Wine in order to function. I have no problem…

Nidhogg, the fencing action game is heading to Linux with a Beta

Tags:Action,Beta,Coming Soon,Humble Store,SteamNidhogg is a rather popular little action gaming about what look like stick figures doing some…

Join me at 7:45PM UTC for the weekly Linux gaming livestream, also helpers needed

Tags:Video,LivestreamAs announced previously by Samsai he is temporarily leaving us for his mandatory army training, so I will be taking the…

The future of the Friday Livestream and my other GOL work

Tags:Site InfoJust to make sure that everyone is getting an unreasonable amount of big announcements today, I am making one of my own concerning the…

The work to bring Banished over to OpenGL is still going on

Tags:Coming Soon,Simulation,Steam,Strategy The developer of Banished has written up another blog post about porting Banished to OpenGL for the Mac…