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B1 Free Archiver: a simple solution


Switching to Linux requires users to abandon their usual set of favourite programs and to employ what is available. In terms of archive utilities the first and most obvious choice is the GNOME desktop environment File Roller. But does a Linux neophyte ready to get into all that stuff at once? Let’s f…

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How to Install and Configure Conky At first blush, Conky is a system monitor that will display pertinent information on your desktop

Defining the OpenStack Cloud Roadmap

eWEEK: Jonathan Bryce, executive director of the OpenStack Foundation, gives the new roadmap effort a 'D' grade, but expects improvement soon.

Install Deepin Desktop Environment in Arch Linux

ostechnix: Deepin desktop is a lightweight, elegant desktop environment.

Using KDE Connect to Sync your Android Device with Your Linux Computer

 MakeUseOf: Have you ever wished your Android devices and your Linux computers worked together more seamlessly?

Bodhi Linux 3.2 Promises Clearer Path to Enlightenment

LinuxInsider: Enlightenment started as a project to build a window manager for X11 in 1996.

Linux Kernel 4.1.23 LTS Has PA-RISC and EXT4 Improvements, Updated Drivers

Linux kernel 4.1.23 LTS appears to be a fairly normal update to the Linux 4.1 LTS (Long Term Support) branch

OpenStack Summit Returns to Austin in Triumph

eWEEK: As opposed to the first OpenStack Summit event in Austin, which was operated by Rackspace, the 2016 Austin summit benefited from the sponsorship of many vendors, including Cisco, Intel, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, IBM, EMC, Dell and many others.

OpenStack cloud's killer use case: Telcos and NFV

NetworkWorld: OpenStack's director says telecommunication companies powering Network Function Virtualization (NFV) with open source cloud software has been among the fastest growing use cases for OpenStack over the past year.

Almost two-thirds of software companies contributing to open source

NetworkWorld: Open source's march toward preeminence in business software continued over the past year Latest Articles

Discord chat app updated, now has game detection

Tags:Initial ThoughtsQuite a fan of Discord myself, makes setting up chats really easy and the new native client is coming along nicely. The recent…

First chapter of Bolt Riley, A Reggae Adventure released DRM free and on Steam

Tags:Adventure,Humble Store,Initial Thoughts,,Point & Click,SteamChapter 1 of developer Adventure Mob's point-and-click adventure has been…

Duskers now officially supports Linux, quitting Early Access mid May

Tags:Early Access,Roguelike,Steam,StrategyDuskers is the really rather slick exploration, strategy and roguelike mix that has a seriously cool…

Need a new FPS fix? Police Infinity is now in Early Access on Steam

Tags:Action,Early Access,FPS,SteamPolice Infinity looks like a promising start for a new FPS that's available on Linux. It has just released into…

7 Days to Die alpha 14.6 released, finally fixes textures for Linux

Tags:Early Access,Indie Game,Steam,Survival The survival game 7 Days to Die finally works properly on Linux once again. It was broken back in March,…

Tomb Raider benchmark video comparison, Linux vs Windows 10

Tags:Video,BenchmarkI decided to do a bit of a learning exercise today and do my first ever video comparison between two platforms. I picked Tomb…

Blitzkrieg 3 looks like it's coming to Linux soon, new trailer looks great

Tags:Coming Soon,Early Access,GOG,Steam,StrategyBlitzkrieg 3 is a pretty great looking World War II strategy game that is currently in Early Access…

Tomb Raider video from my livestream is now on Youtube, more thoughts included

Tags:Video,Livestream,Initial Thoughts,Feral Interactive As promised I did a Twitch livestream of Feral Interactive's Linux port of Tomb Raider the…

The Wine Development Release 1.9.9 Is Now Available

Tags:Beta,Open Source,Wine The Wine team released today another development release of their software. Version 1.9.9 has many small changes including…

Tiny Chopper Raceway - An Example Godot Game With Sources

Tags:Open Source,Game Engine,Free GameEarlier this month, I released sources for an example 2D racing/drifting game made with the Godot engine called…

Beat Cop is a rather unusual looking 80's inspired pixel art style adventure & time-management game

Tags:Steam,Coming Soon,AdventureThis is probably one of the most unusual looking games I've seen for a while, but Beat Cop could be something great.…

Pharaonic, the unforgiving action RPG from the developers of Ziggurat slashes out of Early Access

Tags:Action,RPG,SteamAre you looking for a difficult but rewarding side-scrolling action RPG set in Egypt? Pharaonic might just be what you need.…

Mosaic from the developers of Among the Sleep confirmed for Linux, check out this teaser

Tags:Adventure,Teaser,VideoI am a massive fan of Among the Sleep after finishing it recently (review here), it had a powerful message about parenting…

Murdering folks in The Culling, early Linux & SteamOS port report and some quick thoughts

Tags:Survival,Steam,Initial Thoughts,Action Now that The Culling is available on Linux I have taken it for a spin, and here are some quick thoughts…

The Friday Livestream is loaded with games and starts at 5 PM UTC!

Tags:LivestreamIt would seem that another storm of games has arrived and naturally that stuff will be featured on the Friday Livestream! So strap…