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Proofreading for illusions with grep and AWK


Lexical illusions are very hard to find when proofreading. The most common lexical illusion is a duplicated word, as in this well-known example: A lexical illusion: many people are not aware that the the brain will automatically ignore a second instance of the word 'the' when it starts a new line. …

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Transposing rows and columns: 3 methods


Swapping the rows and columns in a table on the command line would seem to be a fairly easy thing to do. For example, with this tab-separated table (called 'tabbed') as input: get this tab-separated table ('swapped') as output: Datamash Transposing rows and columns is indeed easy if you have the…

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I think I like backreferences (sometimes)


Backreferences are part of the complicated and sometimes confusing world of regular expressions. The basic idea is this: you can substitute any part of a regular expression with a backslash followed by a number, so long as you surround the part to be substituted with round brackets. The command…

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Keeping emails as text files: 2 scripts


Most people store and organise their personal emails as individual files (messages) in folders. Those folders might be on a webmail company's servers, or in a mail client program on the user's personal computer. In both cases the emails are probably in a special email format. I'm horribly…

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How to manage alternating lines of text on the command line


In this article I've pulled together some command-line tips for alternating lines of text. Questions about alternating lines turn up regularly on online help forums, and they sometimes get complicated answers. Here I've tried to keep things simple. Interleaving lines For demonstration purposes I'll…

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The joys of ISOdates


It took me a fair while to get comfortable with the ISO 8601 date format. After so many years of using DD MMM YYYY, my old eyes and brain had some trouble understanding YYYY-MM-DD. Finally something clicked, and I now read 'ISOdates' easily and I really appreciate their advantages. The biggest…

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Scripting a fancy chooser for recently used files


I recently scripted a GUI dialog that lists my 10 most recently modified files in reverse chronological order and allows me to choose more than 1 file for opening. The dialog is launched with a keyboard shortcut and is shown here with 2 files selected: The script is in copy-and-paste form at the…

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Gnumeric: a filter-and-export script


My wife likes to organise and store information in Gnumeric spreadsheets. Every now and then she needs to filter her data and save the result to a new spreadsheet. Gnumeric doesn't have a simple way to do that. It has a complicated way to do it ('Advanced Filter'), but nothing so straightforward as…

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How to insert code snippets on the command line without executing them


You can store a code snippet in a shell alias or a function, but when you type the alias or function name in a BASH shell and press 'Enter', the shell executes (or tries to execute) the snippet. That's no good if the snippet is incomplete or needs editing. A simple workaround is to paste the…

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How to read a file N lines at a time in BASH: 3 methods


The file I'll be using for this demonstration is called demo and looks like this: demo is plain text with 2 tab-separated columns. The first column is sorted alphabetically, but the second column isn't sorted. What I want to find out is how many different letters are in the second column for each…

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Red Hat Summit: Improving Productivity Through Collaboration

ServerWatch: Red Hat CEO gives a history lesson about how the Industrial Revolution changed productivity and how the new era of server automation, cloud and containers will change it again.

Red Hat Doubles Down on Containers, Takes a Swipe at CloudFoundry

eWEEK: On the first day of the Red Hat Summit, Linux vendor Red Hat makes some incremental container announcements and belittles its CloudFoundry competitors.

5 reasons to ditch Windows for Linux

Inquirer: Ready to give up on Windows? You're probably not alone

Sony Settles in Linux Battle

LinuxJournal: The PS3 allowed users to install an alternative operating system on their machines—a feature they called Other OS.

Qubes OS 3.2 to Use Xfce4 by Default Because KDE 5 Is Bloated, Unstable and Ugly

 softpedia: After some rigorous tests, Joanna Rutkowska arrived at the conclusion that the KDE Plasma 5 desktop environment on Qubes OS 3.2 is a total disaster

Google "Project Bloks" education kit starts with Raspberry Pi Zero

 hackerboards: Google announced a Project Bloks hacker platform for kids, developed with IDEO and Paulo Blikstein of Stanford University

Why GNOME 3.X Has Been Good for Linux and FOSS

 FOSSforce: If GNOME hadn't irked many users when it redesigned its approach to the desktop with GNOME 3, there would be fewer popular desktop environments for Linux.

Red Hat makes container development easier

ZDnet: Red Hat releases Red Hat Container Development Kit 2.1 Latest Articles

SteamOS update 2.83 beta released, new Nvidia and AMD drivers hit

Tags:Beta,SteamOSToday SteamOS has a new beta, which brings a much newer Nvidia driver to the table and a fresher build of the new AMD PRO driver.…

When should i386 support for Ubuntu end? Help Canonical decide

Tags:Hardware,UbuntuAre you running i386 (32-bit) Ubuntu? We need your help to decide how much longer to build i386 images of Ubuntu Desktop, Server,…

Join me and Matt from Feral Interactive at 10AM UTC playing Company of Heroes 2

Tags:Livestream,Feral InteractiveUpdate: Sadly, this event was cancelled. CoH2 refuses to go into fullscreen since the patch. Feral have my system…

System Shock remake heads to Kickstarter, Linux is the first stretch-goal

Tags:Unity3D,Crowdfunding While it's sad to see it as a stretch-goal, I have big faith in Nightdive Studios due to their previous good support of…

The Linux Gamer takes a look at Pac-Man 256

Tags:VideoThe Linux Gamer does some really awesome videos and his editing is really quite brilliant at times. Take a look at his thoughts on Pac-Man…

Humble PC & Android Bundle 14 is live!

Tags:Game BundleWell well, Humble PC & Android Bundle 14 is here and it brings a number of interesting titles, all of which support Linux.Pay…

Mighty No. 9 looks like it's gearing up for a Linux release

Tags:Action,Coming Soon,Platformer,SteamA few hours ago Linux information was added to the SteamDB entry for Mighty No. 9, which indicates they are…

Go on a fishing adventure in Marinatide, on Steam Greenlight and coming to Linux

Tags:Adventure,Greenlight,Indie Game,SteamMarinatide looks like a pretty cute little fishing game and the developers emailed me to confirm it will be…

Legacy of the Elder Star shoot 'em up released on Steam for Linux

Tags:Action,Indie Game,Initial Thoughts,SteamLegacy of the Elder Star is a new indie shoot 'em up recently released on Steam with Linux support, the…

Company of Heroes 2 updated for Linux, adds support for the War Spoils system and fixes other bits

Tags:Feral Interactive,Steam,StrategyCompany of Heroes 2 has received a patch today, it should fix the issue with it looking like you gain no…

Key reselling store G2A to make some small steps towards helping developers

Tags:EditorialYou may remember the article I wrote recently about asking you not to use G2A, well it appears G2A are now taking some first steps…

Game store itch is also having a summer sale,Game SaleNot to be outdone by Steam and because I support the little guy, why not check out some cool games for sale on You can…

Factorio 0.13 released, the changelog is massive, much improved networking too

Tags:DRM Free,Humble Store,Sandbox,Steam,StrategyFactorio is an absolute gem of a sandbox game and I love it. It's another game I'm terrible scared…

AMD will be hosting a reddit 'ask me anything' and giving away 14 RX 480 graphics cards

Tags:AMD,EditorialAMD are doing something pretty amazing, they will be doing a reddit AMA with the chance of anyone who comments to win one of…

Stellaris patch Asimov 1.2 released, it's a good one

Tags:Strategy,Steam I've been scared to click that play button on Stellaris recently, as it sucks up so much time it's crazy. The patch named Asimov…