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elementary OS Freya Beta 1 is Looking Sparse But Fast and Sleek


elementary OS is a GNU/Linux distribution that you will either adore or on the other hand, find isn't for you. Fast, tight and favouring beauty and a logical simplicity over the ability to customize every little thing, eOS takes a different approach to many Linux distributions. In this article we…

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A Sneak Peek at Birdie 2.0


I recently wrote about how the Birdie project, a lightweight and attractive Twitter client for Linux, was being rewritten and reborn as Birdie 2.0, an entirely new codebase. The Birdie Development team were kind enough to provide The Linux Rain with a private preview build of the new upcoming…

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Birdie - A Lightweight and Beautiful Twitter Client


If you're looking for a Twitter desktop application for your Linux operating system, especially a lightweight and simple program you can just leave running with very little drain on system resources, Birdie may be for you. While Birdie may be very light and simple, it is also beautiful and designed…

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A look at ROSA Fresh R2 LXDE Edition


Today we are going to take a look at ROSA Fresh R2 LXDE Edition, a Linux distribution by Russian company ROSA, who produce both desktop and server Linux solutions under the ROSA name. At one point, ROSA offered just the standard desktop (a highly customized KDE experience) called ROSA Marathon,…

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OpenSUSE Administation with Zypper

 HowToForge: Zypper is the command line package manager for openSUSE

Linux Kernel 3.12.60 LTS Released with ARM and PowerPC Fixes, Updated Drivers

Linux kernel 3.12.60 LTS arrives approximately one month after the release of the previous maintenance version

Ubuntu MATE 16.10 In Development, Software Boutique and Welcome Get New Features

 softpedia: Software Boutique, the graphical package manager of the Ubuntu MATE Linux operating system, now comes with an initial search feature called Boutique Search

Useful MySQL/MariaDB Performance Tuning and Optimization Tips

 tecmint: Some basic, yet useful tips how to optimize and fine tune the performance of MySQL/MariaDB

Black Lab Linux 7.6.1 OS Launches with Google Chrome 50 and LibreOffice 5.1.3

softpedia: Black Lab Linux 7.6.1 arrives today for users of the Black Lab Linux 7.6 OS,

Linux 4.7 Gets a Security Boost with ChromeOS Feature

InternetNews: We're currently inside of the two week merge window where code is being pulled in to form the Linux 4.7 kernel.

There is now an open source driver and GTK3 based UI for interacting with the Steam Controller

 GamingOnLinux: Open source rocks! A fellow named kozec has created a user mode driver (based on another) and a UI for interacting with the Steam Controller.

Linus Torvalds wins the desktop; Chromebooks outsell Macbooks Hey, either Macs don't count much on the desktop, or we may have to finally lay the 'year of the Linux desktop' joke to rest

Eric Raymond's 'The Cathedral and the Bazaar' turns 19 Did Eric Raymond's The Cathedral and the Bazaar accurately predict the future of software development? Latest Articles

Feral Interactive officially announce F1 2015 is coming to Linux on May 26th, properly this time

Tags:Steam,Racing,Feral Interactive,Coming SoonAfter a few accidents leaking out before it was due, Feral have today officially (and finally)…

Intel & Nvidia Fermi Mesa OpenGL driver has now finished up OpenGL 4.3 support

Tags:Open Source,Intel,DriversOh wow, didn't expect this so soon. The Mesa driver for Intel graphics and Nvidia Fermi (GeForce 400, GeForce 500) on…

Want to blow everything up? Brigador releases on June 2nd with Linux support

Tags:Steam,,Coming Soon,ActionGreat leader is dead. Liberate Solo Nobre tonight by any means necessary. Brigador will release in full with…

Amazing Frog? A positively rated silly sandbox game is available on Linux

Tags:Early Access,Sandbox,SteamThanks to a reader pointing it out, we now know that Amazing Frog? officially has a Linux and SteamOS version on…

Aragami, a great looking third person stealth game coming to Linux

Tags:Steam,Stealth,Coming Soon,ActionAragami was sent in by a reader and it looks like an excellent stealth game to have on Linux. This is going…

CRYENGINE source code now available on github

Tags:CryEngineThe CRYENGINE source code is now officially available on github for anyone to take a look and tinker with, you need to be aware of…

Dota 2 updated to support the Vulkan API

Tags:Vulkan,Steam,BetaDota 2 is Valve's first game to support Vulkan, the successor to OpenGL. This is Valve's first public release of the game to…

Feral Interactive are teasing another new Linux & Mac port with a new clue

Tags:Coming Soon,Feral Interactive,TeaserFeral Interactive are teasing our minds with a new clue for a Linux & Mac port to come. It's time to get…

Turmoil, a tongue-in-cheek take on the simulation genre plans a Linux version

Tags:Early Access,Simulation,SteamTurmoil is a charming looking simulation game that should be coming to Linux after the full release next month.…

Looks like RymdResa, the relaxing looking roguelike space odyssey is finally coming to Linux

Tags:Adventure,Coming Soon,Indie Game,RPG,SteamI've been following RymdResa for quite a long time as a big fan of space exploration games. The Linux…

Major Terraria update released with controller support, adventure maps and more

Tags:Steam,Sandbox,GOG,Action Terraria is a pretty decent sandbox game with lots to discover and it's just got a bit bigger. This new update is quite…

Worms W.M.D has an impressively silly Multiplayer trailer, will come to Linux

Tags:Steam,Platformer,Coming Soon,ActionIf you weren't aware already Worms W.M.D is heading to Linux (we have this confirmed). This new trailer has…

There is now an open source driver and GTK3 based UI for interacting with the Steam Controller

Tags:Open Source,Hardware,DriversOpen source rocks! A fellow named kozec has created a user mode driver (based on another) and a UI for interacting…

Linux & Steam running on the PS4 playing Bastion is impressive

Tags:AMD,VideoWhat you can do what Linux always impresses me, but this has to be what has impressed me the most recently. People have been hacking…

Serious Sam 4 confirmed to be in development right now

Tags:Steam,FPS,Coming Soon,ActionCroteam sure are busy, not only did they confirm The Talos Principle 2 is happening, but it seems I missed the fact…