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That's right, has just announced they are supporting Linux, way ahead of their scheduled dates of around October or November. The launch brings 50 Linux-compatible games right away. announced it on their website today, no doubt to the surprise of many. says that 100 Linux…

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First Release Of KDE's Plasma 5 Desktop Arrives


For those looking forward to the next-gen incarnation of the KDE Plasma Desktop, the first release of Plasma 5 has now arrived. A polished up UI, new default desktop theme and high-DPI support are some of the big obvious changes while still managing to maintain the traditional design and workflow.…

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Grim Fandango Remake Coming To Linux


GNU/Linux gaming keeps on getting better and a recent announcement from developer Double Fine has caused much excitement. The remake of Grim Fandango is coming to Linux, alongside the console exclusive Playstation 4 and Vita versions as well as Windows and Mac! Double Fine initially made the…

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The Witcher 2 Lands On Steam For Linux, Is A 'Windows Wrapper' Port


There was much rejoicing and fanfare earlier today among Linux gamers eagerly awaiting the Linux release of The Witcher 2 - Assassins of Kings, which has landed on Steam For Linux. However, some of the rejoicing was short-lived. It didn't take long for Linux users to dig deeper into the downloaded…

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Birdie Twitter App to be Rewritten


It was only a bit over a week ago that I wrote an article on the Birdie Twitter application. Well, now the Birdie team is scrapping the current codebase and looks to be rebooting the application as Birdie 2.0. In a blog post titled "It's time to say goodbye" on the 26th February 2014, the Birdie…

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Humble Indie Bundle 11 Adds 3 More Games; Plus! Portal 2 Beta Arrives


Humble Indie Bundle 11 adds another three games plus Valve announces the release of the Portal 2 beta for Linux! Humble Indie Bundle 11 launched last week, featuring six cross-platform games, although at this stage only five are completely Linux compatible. As usual the three additional games have…

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Humble Indie Bundle 11 Launches


It's that time again folks, another Humble Indie Bundle has landed featuring 6 Linux compatible games. Well, sort of... for now, let's just say 5 Linux compatible games. It almost seems like the Humble Bundles are rolling out quicker and quicker these days. Humble Indie Bundle 11 has recently…

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Upstart/Systemd war over - Ubuntu to switch to systemd


The popular but at times controversial init/system management daemon known as systemd looks to be becoming the de facto init standard in the Linux world as Ubuntu decides to switch to systemd in place of Upstart. Mark Shuttleworth revealed the upcoming changes in a blog post titled 'Losing…

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Space Pioneer - an ambitious Kickstarter project promising day one Linux support


"Created by real world astronauts, scientists and architects. Build vast colonies and cities. Explore the many unknowns of our universe!" That's the tagline of the ambitious space sim/real time strategy game Kickstarter project by Space Enigma Studios, who is also promising day one Linux support.…

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Humble Indie Bundle X Adds 3 More Games


As we come to expect from the Humble Indie Bundles, with around 6 days remaining, another 3 games have been added to the latest Bundle for those paying above the average purchase price. Humble Indie Bundle X launched last week, featuring games such as To The Moon, Joe Danger 2: The Movie, Papo…

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Testers Needed For 'Quasar' An Online Bullet Hell Space Shooter, Linux To Be A First Class Citizen Here

Tags:Action,Arcade,Coming Soon,Early Access,Editorial,Steam Pretty safe to say Quasar caught my eye, and not just because Linux is going to be a…

Prison Architect Has Fully Launched, You Should Get It

Tags:Strategy,Steam,Sandbox,DRM FreePrison Architect is an absolute beacon of how to do Early Access right, and the final release is now available.…

Co-Op Stealth Game Clandestine May See A Linux Port

Tags:Unity3D,Early Access A developer from Logic Artists has shown renewed interest in porting their Early Access stealth game to Linux, though still…

Postal 1 Updated With Twin Stick Gamepad Controls, Possible Source Code Release & Sale

Tags:Steam,Action I have to hand it to RWS, they do support their games pretty nicely. Not only has Postal 2 been updated, but they have gone back…

This War Of Mine Finally Fixed For Linux, Includes Other Fixes & Workshop Support

Tags:Survival,Steam,DRM Free It's been a few months, but 11bit finally fixed up This War of Mine for newer Linux distributions. Previously it…

ILikeMoney Is One Of The Weirdest Games I've Seen For A While, I Like It

Tags:Coming Soon,Greenlight,Steam,Strategy,Tower Defence,VideoThe developers of iLikeMoney emailed their game in, and it took me by surprise for how…

Scraps: Modular Vehicle Combat Released For Linux, Looks Like Fun

Tags:Sandbox,Indie Game,Early Access,Action Scraps: Modular Vehicle Combat is one of the types of games that I simply love, there's nothing more fun…

Red Eclipse: A Lightweight, Open-source, Highly-engaging FPS

Tags:Open Source,Free Game,FPS,ActionRed Eclipse ranks among my top five FPS games of all time, which is surprising given how light-weight and…

Trine 3: The Artifacts Of Power Linux Beta Released

Tags:Action,Adventure,Puzzle,Steam After waiting a while, we now have access to Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power in beta form. There are a number of…

New Linux Gaming Survey For October

Tags:Community,SurveyIt's that time of the month again Linux gamers! The new GOL survey for October is now available, so please make sure to fill it…

Polychromatic Is A Fantastic Arcade Game Now On Linux

Tags:Steam,Arcade Polychromatic is probably one of my favourite new releases recently, it's so simple, but it's highly addictive. Myself and Samsai…

Sol 0 Has You Colonizing Mars In This Strategy Game

Tags:Strategy,Sandbox,Early Access,Demo Ever wanted to colonize Mars? Well in Sol 0 that's the aim of the game, and it looks like it could be quite…

Party Hard, A Stealth Strategy Game Is Now On Linux, Looks Interesting

Tags:Strategy,Steam,Stealth Party Hard has recently released for Linux, and it looks like a pretty interesting game. You need to infiltrate your…

The Latest Steam Hardware Survey Shows Very Little Difference

Tags:Hardware,EditorialAs usual Steam has produced their monthly hardware survey, and also as usual there is hardly any change across the…

The Friday Livestream Is Once Again Here To Save You At 5 PM UTC!

Tags:Site InfoAnd once again we return after a week of that silly life stuff and play some Linux games for you live on air! You will naturally get…