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Silver, a 90s Action RPG Lands on Steam for Linux


"Silver, a corrupt and sinister sorcerer, rules the land of Jarrah with an iron fist. He and his henchmen have abducted the village women as part of a pact with the almighty god, Apocalypse. Now, only one man can put a stop to Silver and his minions. That man is you, David, a promising young…

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KDE Plasma gets Google Drive Integration


KDE Plasma and Google Drive users rejoice - you will soon get Google Drive integration in the KDE desktop, allowing you to browse your files in the Dolphin file manager and Plasma Folder View applets. Elvis Angelaccio announced it today on his blog. Apparently it's pretty much ready to go, though…

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NVIDIA Driver with Improved Optimus Support Lands for Fedora 25+


For those using an NVIDIA powered machine, especially those running Optimus laptops, a new NVIDIA driver stack has landed in the repo for Fedora 25 (and up) users. In a blog post, user "slaanesh" announced the improvements: "The Nvidia repository now contains all the…

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Solus Project Gets New Website, Migrates to New Development Tracker and More


The fast moving Solus Project that is making some waves in the Linux distribution world has some new shiny things going on. Joshua Strobl, Solus Project Communications Manager has announced them in the latest This Week In Solus. In the 44th installment of This Week In Solus, Joshua details the…

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GNOME Recipes to Receive Interface Improvements, New Recipes and Cuisines


A few months back we took a look at the new GNOME Recipes app that's currently in heavy development. Matthias Clasen has announced that along with a growing team of developers, some further improvements are on the way, both in terms of user experience and the selection of recipes and cuisines…

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Netflix flicks the 'On' Switch for Firefox on Linux


In news sure to please all Firefox users who also use the Netflix streaming service, it's now possible to do so without any user-agent tweaks or hacks. It now works out of the box, as Netflix themselves have finally done the necessary changes in the background to make Firefox recognised as a valid…

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GNOME 3.24 'Portland' Released


A bit over a month following the beta release of GNOME 3.23.91, the GNOME project has now released the latest version of the GNOME desktop, now at version 3.24, codenamed Portland. Some of the new features and fixes include: Calendar: A new week view, plus allowing Drag & Drop events to…

Read Article Launches Linux Support, Ahead Of Schedule


That's right, has just announced they are supporting Linux, way ahead of their scheduled dates of around October or November. The launch brings 50 Linux-compatible games right away. announced it on their website today, no doubt to the surprise of many. says that 100 Linux…

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First Release Of KDE's Plasma 5 Desktop Arrives


For those looking forward to the next-gen incarnation of the KDE Plasma Desktop, the first release of Plasma 5 has now arrived. A polished up UI, new default desktop theme and high-DPI support are some of the big obvious changes while still managing to maintain the traditional design and workflow.…

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Grim Fandango Remake Coming To Linux


GNU/Linux gaming keeps on getting better and a recent announcement from developer Double Fine has caused much excitement. The remake of Grim Fandango is coming to Linux, alongside the console exclusive Playstation 4 and Vita versions as well as Windows and Mac! Double Fine initially made the…

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News Elsewhere

Fedora 26 beta finally rolls out

ZDnet: Red Hat and community developers took their own sweet time

9 Linux network command you should know about!!!

LinuxRoutes: In this article we will be discussing diagnostic Linux network command that you should know.

Linux cksum command explained for beginners (with examples)

HowToForge: In Linux, there's a command line tool that you can use to create/verify checksum.

A user's guide to links in the Linux filesystem Learn how to use links, which make tasks easier by providing access to files from multiple locations

8 ways to contribute to open source when you have no time

Find the time in your busy life to give back to the projects you care about.

LibreOffice 6.0 to Automatically Update Itself on GNU/Linux, but There's a Catch

softpedia: The new automatic updater uses delta updates to update the application to the latest version available on LibreOffice's servers.

NMAP OS Detection Sometimes on a network it is beneficial to know the Operating System (OS) of a machine. Accessing a system is easier when you know the OS because you can specifically search the Internet fo

Open source social robot kit runs on Raspberry Pi and Arduino

LinuxGizmos: Thecorpora's Scratch-ready " One" robot is based on the Raspberry Pi 3 and Arduino, and offers stereo cams, mics, a speaker, and visual and language recognition.

Using Kdump for examining Linux Kernel crashes We dive into the basics of kdump usage and look at the internals of kdump/kexec kernel implementation.

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The developers of Sombrero: Spaghetti Western Mayhem are looking for Linux testers

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