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The State of NVIDIA Optimus on Linux


For those unaware, NVIDIA Optimus is a technology that allows integrated Intel graphics and a discrete NVIDIA graphics card to be built into the same computer (generally a laptop) and switch between the two on-demand. This same technology is also the cause of Linus Torvalds' infamous "finger"…

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What is Ubuntu Snappy?


If you're anything like me, you've probably heard about this new thing from Canonical called "Snappy" Ubuntu Core, but at the same time trying to understand exactly what it is may leave you cross-eyed, especially with the buzzwords such as "cloud", "containers" and "apps" floating about. Once you…

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Over a Month On - Conclusion to the GNOME Shell Challenge


Over a month ago I embarked on my own personal challenge to use GNOME Shell (otherwise just known as GNOME 3) for an entire week. That week happened and went, I wrote some thoughts I had after that initial week, but did not officially end my usage of the Shell. Fast forward to now... I'm still…

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Is Ubuntu's Unity Really All That Bad Nowadays?


Now, don't get me wrong - when it comes to choice of desktop interface it's a very subjective matter and often a matter of taste and what you, as the user, finds most comfortable and/or productive. Still, browse through various forums, comment sections or blogs across the internet concerning Unity…

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How FOSS Brought New Life To My Once Linux-Unfriendly Laptop


Many of you can probably relate to this: that machine, whether it be a laptop or a desktop computer, that just seems to hate any Linux operating system you throw at it. Poor performance, inefficiency or non-working bits of hardware or functionalities seem the norm whenever you try your favourite…

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Unless you have been living in a cave for the last few weeks, you would have heard about (formally known as Good Old Games) finally announcing they will be adding Linux support! I think this is a great thing and here's 5 good reasons why. Now okay, technically, they are (at least initially)…

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Opinion: Arch Linux and Stability


Arch Linux, the popular rolling release Linux distribution, seemingly has a reputation as bleeding edge, elitist and sometimes unstable. Bleeding edge? Most seem to agree it is. Elitist? I'll leave that to you to decide. Unstable? Perhaps, perhaps not, which is what I will now try to give my take…

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Kobo Aura HD eReader is Linux-friendly


Having recently received a Kobo Aura HD eReader for Christmas, I was very pleasantly surprised to see how friendly the device was towards my Linux operating system. While Kobo do not specifically actually mention Linux anywhere on their site or in the included instruction booklet, the device…

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Opinion: Steam and DRM


DRM (Digital Rights Management) is often thought of as, well, a naughty concept. Especially amongst GNU/Linux users, as many often think about their freedoms and openness. With this in mind, Valve's Steam has been around on Linux for a bit over a year now and I've often noticed, on various…

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LinuxCon: How Microsoft Is Contributing to Open Source

VIDEO: Wim Coekaerts, corporate vice president of enterprise open source at Microsoft, details how open source is the new normal in Redmond.

How to configure Postfix relayhost (smarthost) to send eMail using an external smptd on Linux

 Nixcraft: You can configuring Postfix MTA to use as a Smarthost i.e. routing all mails to a smarthost.

lftp a sophisticated ftp client

In this tutorial I explains how to connect to an ftp site and execute some basic commands: list local/remote content, change remote/local directory ...

5 reasons professors should encourage students to get involved in open source projects

Out of the many reasons for supporting student participation in open source, here are five of the most compelling reasons.

How to Install Seafile on Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial Xerus)

HowToForge: Seafile is a private cloud software, it supports encrypted file libraries to store data securely.

How to find your System details using inxi

inxit is free, open source, and full featured command line system information tool.

Open Source Software for Business: 12 Leading Apps

Datamation: Open source software for business is -- yes, you guessed it -- big business.

Fedora 25 Linux OS to Arrive on November 15, Ship with Wayland by Default

Wayland is a modern technology, the next generation display server designed as a drop-in replacement for the old X.Org Server or X11 Latest Articles

Zombie Night Terror now has an open beta for Linux players

Tags:Zombies,Strategy,Steam,Beta,ActionZombie Night Terror is a game I have followed for a while hoping it gained a Linux version, the developers…

Ashes of the Singularity developers say Vulkan for their game is pretty far along, Linux after

Tags:Vulkan,Strategy,Steam I've been keeping an eye on Ashes of the Singularity for a long time now, as the RTS game does look pretty cool. The…

The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt, a free to play pirate ship sim is coming to Linux

Tags:Coming Soon,Free Game,SteamThe Pirate: Caribbean Hunt is a free to play pirate ship simulation title that is coming to Linux, it will release on…

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided looks like it may be getting a Linux & SteamOS release

Tags:Steam,FPS,Coming Soon,ActionWoah! Holy Sh...Deus Ex: Mankind Divided looks like it may be getting a Linux & SteamOS release which has…

Worms W.M.D is out day-1 on Linux, here's some early thoughts

Tags:Strategy,Steam,Platformer,Initial Thoughts,ActionWith thanks to my friends at GamesRepublic I was sent a key to Worms W.M.D today to give it a…

Disgaea 2 PC is coming to Linux & SteamOS

Tags:Coming Soon,RPG,Steam,StrategyThis is pretty awesome, the popular RPG series is coming to Linux! Starting with Disgaea 2 PC! It has a section…

The awesome looking RPG, Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom has a new trailer

Tags:Action,Adventure,Coming Soon,RPG,SteamThe RPG game Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom has a new trailer fresh out of Gamescom and it looks awesome.I…

Mighty No. 9 has its SteamOS icon back, not yet playable

Tags:Steam,Platformer,Coming Soon,Action The action platformer Mighty No. 9 looks like it has its SteamOS icon back, but looking at reports it's not…

American Truck Simulator 1.4 in open beta

Tags:Simulation,Steam,StrategyAmerican Truck Simulator now has an open beta (for owners) for version 1.4 which adds several new features. It adds in:…

Absolute Drift: Zen Edition is now available for Linux on Steam

Tags:Racing,SteamAbsolute Drift: Zen Edition is the free big update for the simple 2D drifting game Absolute Drift and it's now out.New stuff: New…

CRYENGINE is planning to add in Vulkan support around October for the 5.3 release

Tags:CryEngine,VulkanCRYENGINE, the other major game engine is adding in Vulkan support in their 5.3 release due in October. You can see their public…

Shadow Warrior 2 has another new gameplay video if you didn't see it already

Tags:Action,Coming Soon,FPS,GOG,Steam,VideoShadow Warrior 2 is certainly looking like it's going to be awesome. The first one was beautifully brutal…

After five months, twin stick shooter RPG 'NeuroVoider' will exit Early Access in a couple of days

Tags:Roguelike,RPG,Early AccessThere is a lot of good news regarding NeuroVoider, which is an interesting title that was previously covered in this…

Tower 57, a modern take on what made AMIGA top down shooter games cool

Tags:Steam,Coming Soon,ActionTower 57, developed by Pixwerk and being published by 11 bit studios is aiming to recapture the glory days of the AMIGA.…

N++ a fast-paced, momentum-based platformer confirmed for Linux

Tags:Coming Soon,Platformer,SteamN++ a simple, fast-paced, momentum-based platformer has been confirmed by the developers as being on it's way to…