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Contributing to OSS


Many individuals may want to contribute to Linux or some open-source software project. However, many people may not be sure where to start or how to help. Others may not know computer programming and feel that there is no way they can contribute. Well, guess what? There are many ways anyone can…

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Linux Advocacy - My Take


I recently had something of a debate on the meaning Linux Advocacy and thought I should offer explanation of my take on the topic. Before that, to clarify my background: I’m not by any means an uber-geek, one of those people who see matrix-like code streams everywhere and solve any tech issue with a…

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Open source patent protection extended to popular software

InfoWorld: Docker, Puppet, LibreOffice, and the Go language are the latest additions to the Open Invention Network's extensive patent nonaggression umbrella

The best free, open-source software for everyday PC users

PC World: Finding new software is a breeze for Linux users.

30 Years On, HURD Lives: GNU Updates Open Source Unix Kernel

The VAR Guy: The latest version of GNU HURD is out.

How changed the way the US DoD develops software While government software developers collaborate well today, 2009 was a different story.

What are good open-source log monitoring tools on Linux

 xmodulo: In an operating system, logs are all about keeping track of events, be it critical system errors, resource usage warnings, transaction history, application status, or user activities.

3 best practices for bootstrapping an open source business Go to the networking and speaking events of any local startup community in America and you'll quickly discover a dominant theme: investment.

At Birth, Open Source Was About Saving Money, Not Sharing Code

 The VAR Guy: Linus Torvalds and the early supporters of the Linux project were interested primarily in a free-as-in-beer operating system, not ensuring that source code would be freely accessible.

VMware Launches Lightwave and Photon for Linux Containers

ServerWatch: VMware is expanding its embrace of Linux containers in a big way today with the launch of a pair of efforts that aim to enable a new era of cloud-native applications.

How to Install and Configure NTP (Network Time Protocol) Server/Client in Debian Linux

 tecmint: Time synchronization is important for many reasons ranging from application time stamps to security to proper log entries. Latest Articles

Tripwire Interactive State Killing Floor 2 Is Actively Being Worked On For Linux

While it's sad we aren't getting the initial release of Killing Floor 2, we should see it sooner rather than later going by their most recent…

Techland State Dying Light Will Get Linux Workshop Support, Performance Patch Still Being Worked On

It's no secret that Dying Light doesn't perform well on Linux, and we are currently left out in the cold as far as Steam Workshop support goes, but…

Starbound Has Another Massive Update, Lots Of New Stuff

Starbound is the epic singleplayer and multiplayer 2D sandbox game from Chucklefish. They have just pushed out a massive new stable release. I'm a…

Bundle Stars 'Trinity 2 Bundle' Has All Linux Games For Cheap

Bored this Tuesday? We may have a solution to your problems! Bundle Stars 'Trinity 2 Bundle' is rammed full of Linux games!The games POSTAL 2…

Zenzizenzic, An Awesome Bullet-hell Shooter On Linux, With Some Thoughts

Zenzizenzic has recently release for Linux and I hadn't played a bullet-hell games for a while, so I took a look and it turns out to be quite good.…

GOL Cast: Exploring The Flying City In Bioshock Infinite

You might have seen our port report of Bioshock Infinite and might already know that, against all expectations, it performs really nicely. But let's…

The Banner Saga Linux Port Report, It's A Good One

Now that The Banner Saga has been out for a few days I’ve taken a look at it. It’s a newly ported game, so if you haven’t picked it…

Chroma Squad, A Power Rangers Inspired Tactical RPG Releasing For Linux This April

Chroma Squad is a game I've been following for a while, and the release is nearly upon us. Will you be grabbing a copy? It is due for release on the…

Action Platformer Slinki Released On Steam, A Demo Is Available

Slinki is an action platformer, developed by Titan Forged Games, where you control a rabbit with a prosthetic arm. The game has been available for…

Sales Statistics For Linux Games From Different Developers, Part 4

You would hopefully have seen my previous articles talking to multiple developers about their Linux sales, so to begin a new year we are talking to a…

Fallen: A2P Protocol, A Post-apocalyptic Turn Based Strategy Released For Linux, Some Thoughts

Fallen: A2P Protocol is a pretty good looking turn based strategy currently in Early Access, and I have been graced with a key to take a look at…

Kart Racer 'Coffin Dodgers' Adds Linux Support To Early Access

The early access racer Coffin Dodgers has been updated and now has Linux support. As far as premises go, this one is one of the more original ones…

Freedom Planet Officially Released On Linux

The colourful action platformer Freedom Planet now has been officially launched for Linux.Offical AboutSteamFight your way across the celestial…

Storm United, A Beautiful New FPS Now In Early Access, We Have Keys

Storm United is a new first person shooter built in Unreal Engine that looks absolutely stunning. The developers have just released the game into…

The Wine Development Release 1.7.41 Is Now Available

Wine development team was able to produce a new experimental release today. 1.7.41 bringing many new features and as many as 41 bugfixes. The few…