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Contributing to OSS


Many individuals may want to contribute to Linux or some open-source software project. However, many people may not be sure where to start or how to help. Others may not know computer programming and feel that there is no way they can contribute. Well, guess what? There are many ways anyone can…

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Linux Advocacy - My Take


I recently had something of a debate on the meaning Linux Advocacy and thought I should offer explanation of my take on the topic. Before that, to clarify my background: I’m not by any means an uber-geek, one of those people who see matrix-like code streams everywhere and solve any tech issue…

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X.Org Server 1.16 Lands Officially In Ubuntu 14.10

Phoronix: After writing earlier this week about a new AMD Catalyst driver paving the way for X Server 1.16 in Ubuntu 14.10, the updated packages have officially landed within the Ubuntu 14.10 "Utopic Unicorn" archive.

LibreOffice cash-for-code strategy tests open source ethic

InfoWorld: In an unusual, controversial move, the Document Foundation is taking bids for paid development of LibreOffice for Android

How to Build a Linux Media Server Just about any Linux makes an excellent media server because it's lightweight and stable, so you can use whatever flavor you're most comfortable with.

Cassandra gets a clean up and speed up in release 2.1

 ZDnet: Big Data users who swear by Cassandra should seriously consider upgrading to the new version.

Rising Angels: Reborn Available On Linux & It's Free

 GamingOnLinux: Rising Angels: Reborn is now available for free on Linux and promises to be an interesting sci-fi adventure.

Cortex-A5 SBC offers mainline Linux support

 LinuxGizmos: Emtrion's new SBC uses Atmel's Cortex-A5-based ATSAMA5D36 SoC and offers HDMI, 2x Ethernet, a battery charger, -40 to 85°C operation, and draws less than 300mA.

First Android apps for Chromebooks

 ITworld: Chromebooks have turned out to be much more popular than most people expected when they were first released.

Simple Ready To Roll Linux Backup Script

 iodigitalsec: I'd built a Linux backup BASH shell script a while ago that I've been using, and wanted to share it.

Mirantis Releases OpenStack Express 2.0 with Icehouse Support

 The VAR Guy: OpenStack cloud computing vendor Mirantis has released OpenStack Express 2.0 Latest Articles

The Sunday Gaming Section, Linux Gaming From Around The Web

Here is some Sunday reading for you from other gaming sites across the internet. Not much generally happens on a Sunday, so let's see what's been going on elsewhere.

A Roundup Of The Last Weeks Linux Gaming

Here is a look back at the last week on GamingOnLinux, an easy way to for you to keep up to date on what has happened in the past week for Linux Gaming!

Deadhold, A Squad Based Action RTS Game, And It's Coming To Linux

Deadhold is a Squad Based Action RTS game, brought to you by veteran game developers who have worked on titles such as Borderlands 2, Battlefield 2, Homefront and Myth 3.

Lutris Open Gaming Platform New Release

Lutris is an interesting open source application to help you manage your games from different sources, and they have released a fresh batch of builds.

Rising Angels: Reborn Available On Linux & It's Free

Rising Angels: Reborn is now available for free on Linux and promises to be an interesting sci-fi adventure.

Worlds Of Magic Strategy Game Released On Steam Early Access

Worlds of Magic is a good looking turn based strategy game that has just released into Steam Early Access and it looks great. The game is based on Master of Magic and the initial reviews are stellar.

Train Fever Business Simulation Game Now On Linux

Train Fever has delivered the promised Linux support that was missing from their initial Steam release.

Garry's Mod Hits The 6 Million Mark!

Garry's Mod has hit 6 million lifetime sales on Steam now and that's an incredible milestone. The developer also showed off how many are from Linux & Mac.

Dead Island Still Looks Like It Will Come To Linux, Lots Of New Builds

Keeping track of the Linux port of Dead Island shows that the developers are working pretty hard on it.

The Skullgirls Promised Linux Port Seems Iffy Again (UPDATED)

Skullgirls is another game with an interesting history of promises for a Linux port. It's another case of a developer publicly stating it, and then not delivering on it. UPDATED

Counter Strike Global Offensive Prepares For A Linux Release

Great news to wake up to this morning folks! On the official Counter Strike blog the developers noted work about the Linux client for the newest iteration of the Counter Strike franchise.

DayZ Creator Expresses Interest In A Linux Port Again

Dean Hall the creator of DayZ originally mentioned on reddit his interest in getting a Linux version, and he was also caught on video mentioning it at PAX.

Currently Crowdfunding - Why Stash: No Loot Left Behind Deserves A Penguin Clan

I'll get right to the point -- why do I think Stash: No Loot Left Behind deserves a penguin clan? The game is currently being funded on Kickstarter and only needs a little push!

Microsoft Reportedly Buying Minecraft Maker Mojang

This is not fun news to wake up to. Microsoft if apparently buying the indie studio Mojang for more than 2 billion dollars.

Hack 'n' Slash 1.0 Now Available, With Sources And Workshop Support

Double Fine's charming RPG-come-puzzle game, Hack 'n' Slash has left Steam Early Access and is now released, along with Lua sources for engine scripts and Steam Workshop Support.