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Enlightenment DR 0.18 Released

By Andrew Powell, published 23/12/2013 in News

Just one year after the long-time coming official release of Enlightenment 0.17 (E17), Enlightenment 0.18 has been released!

The new release features 242 individual changes and a host of new features and bug fixes. One of the more interesting changes is the built-in compositor has now been merged into core and is no longer optional (ie. be toggled on and off).

While this may annoy some (those with older hardware who may find it runs better without a compositor running), the likely reason is preparation for Wayland, as it will technically enforce compositing plus likely this move with the E18 compositor will also streamline testing and tighten integration. On that note, Wayland client support has been added as well.

Below is the list of major updates/changes:

  • Compositing merged into core
    • No longer (as) optional
    • No longer (as) buggy
    • Wayland client support added
    • Teamwork module added
  • Fixed at least 10 crashes
    • User experience while crashing improved; some users have reported over a 200% improvement here
  • New modules for improving desktop integration:
    • music-control - Control your music!
    • bluez4 - Control your bluetooth!
    • appmenu - Control your DBus application menus!
    • conf_comp - Control your compositor settings!
  • Improved systemd integration
  • Internal theme merged into Elementary
  • RandR and binding config domains have been split into separate files to make copying and updating easier
  • MANY filemanager improvements
    • udisks2 support
    • Directory listing is now more accurate
    • Seriously, too many improvements to name


Hopefully the Enlightenment 0.18 release is a sign of more frequent releases for the lightweight window manager and exciting times ahead, especially as it will likely be boasting full Wayland support at some point in the near future.

If you wish to find out more about Enlightenment in general or E18 specifically, checkout the website.

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