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Transposing rows and columns: 3 methods


Swapping the rows and columns in a table on the command line would seem to be a fairly easy thing to do. For example, with this tab-separated table (called 'tabbed') as input: get this tab-separated table ('swapped') as output: Datamash Transposing rows and columns is indeed easy if you have the…

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Got tearing with proprietary NVIDIA? Try this.


If you're using a reasonably modern NVIDIA graphics card on your Linux box with the proprietary driver, there's a fair chance you may encounter that nasty thing called 'screen tearing'. There is a little setting worth trying in NVIDIA's blob driver called 'ForceCompositionPipeline' that can…

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Distro Wars: It's All Linux


This is likely a topic covered plenty of times, and as such I won't make this a too in-depth article, but I feel it's something always worth reiterating and remembering that no matter what distribution of Linux (or GNU/Linux if you prefer) you use... it's all Linux. You only have to whiz around the…

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Steel, Password Managing the CLI Way


One thing that's probably obvious to anyone who's read more than a few Linux Rain articles is that we appreciate the CLI (command-line interface). Graphical programs and utilities are great and there are some fantastic examples of those out there, not to mention new ones being created all the time.…

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Installing Firestorm (Second Life viewer) for Linux


Unless you've lived under a virtual rock since 2003, you have probably heard of Linden Lab's baby, Second Life at some point. The online virtual world, where you can literally pretty much do anything, might not be at the peak popularity it once experienced but there is still plenty going on. If…

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I think I like backreferences (sometimes)


Backreferences are part of the complicated and sometimes confusing world of regular expressions. The basic idea is this: you can substitute any part of a regular expression with a backslash followed by a number, so long as you surround the part to be substituted with round brackets. The command…

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Keeping emails as text files: 2 scripts


Most people store and organise their personal emails as individual files (messages) in folders. Those folders might be on a webmail company's servers, or in a mail client program on the user's personal computer. In both cases the emails are probably in a special email format. I'm horribly…

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How to manage alternating lines of text on the command line


In this article I've pulled together some command-line tips for alternating lines of text. Questions about alternating lines turn up regularly on online help forums, and they sometimes get complicated answers. Here I've tried to keep things simple. Interleaving lines For demonstration purposes I'll…

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The joys of ISOdates


It took me a fair while to get comfortable with the ISO 8601 date format. After so many years of using DD MMM YYYY, my old eyes and brain had some trouble understanding YYYY-MM-DD. Finally something clicked, and I now read 'ISOdates' easily and I really appreciate their advantages. The biggest…

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Scripting a fancy chooser for recently used files


I recently scripted a GUI dialog that lists my 10 most recently modified files in reverse chronological order and allows me to choose more than 1 file for opening. The dialog is launched with a keyboard shortcut and is shown here with 2 files selected: The script is in copy-and-paste form at the…

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ownCloud Gets Its' Own Foundation

InternetNews:Contrary to the common trend of bringing an open-source project like ownCloud into an established model, like the Linux Foundation's Collaborative Project approach, ownCloud is building its own Foundation.

Krita 3.0 Free Digital Painting Software Officially Released, Here's What's New

 Lots of new features in open source digital painting program

Fail2Ban finally getting IPv6 support

Fail2Ban is a tool that identifies unwanted behaviors by monitoring service logs, and can act upon that by banning offending IP addresses temporarily

Scan for Rootkits, backdoors and Exploits Using Rootkit Hunter??? in Linux

 Though not particularly common on Linux system, rootkits do exist.

From MySQL To NoSQL ! How To Migrate Your MySQL Data To MongoDB Using Mongify Utility

 Ever wanted a tool to easily migrate data from MySQL/MariaDB to MongoDB?

How to select the fastest apt mirror on Ubuntu Linux

 Some mirrors are faster than others

Active Directory Alternative For Linux : How To Setup Resara Server

 LinuxPitStop: Resara Server is an Active Directory compatible open source Linux server for small businesses and simple networks.

6 Excellent Console Linux File Managers

Console based applications are light on system resources Latest Articles

Salt and Sanctuary, a haunting 2D action RPG looks like it could come to Linux

Tags:Action,Coming Soon,RPG,SteamSalt and Sanctuary is a very stylish looking 2D action RPG with haunting visuals and fast paced combat. Looks like…

Rotorcross, an open source multirotor racing simulator has a Linux version

Tags:Racing,Open Source,Unity3D Apparently Rotorcross is becoming a thing where you race drones and it actually sounds like a pretty cool idea for a…

Pathway, an upcoming tactical RPG announced, plans to support Linux

Tags:Indie Game,RPG,StrategyRobotality’s upcoming game mixes in elements of 1930s pulp adventure with a tactical combat. Players can hope to…

New set of GPU benchmarks and adventures in OpenGL 4.3

Tags:Benchmark,Drivers,Open SourceQuite recently there have been quite a few advancements on the open source side of GPU drivers so I figured it…

Dead Island Definitive Edition and Dead Island Riptide: Definitive Edition released, seem to have hidden Linux versions

Tags:Zombies,Steam,RPG,FPS,Action While it doesn't seem Linux/SteamOS is officially supported for Dead Island Definitive Edition and Dead Island…

Alien Hunters DLC for XCOM 2 now available along with a big patch on SteamOS & Linux

Tags:Strategy,Steam,Feral Interactive,DLCA little later than I had hoped, but Feral Interactive have released the Alien Hunters DLC for XCOM 2 along…

Announcing the beta of our User Stats page

Tags:Site Info,EditorialI am pleased to show off a work-in-progress user statistics page that will form part of our new survey system. The old survey…

Legends of Eisenwald being ported to Linux by Codeweavers, will use Wine

Tags:Wine,Strategy,RPG,Coming Soon,Adventure,ActionLegends of Eisenwald an adventure game with tactical battles, RPG and strategy elements is finally…

Avalon Lords: Dawn Rises, a medieval RTS is going free to play on June 2nd, Linux supported

Tags:Strategy,Steam,Free Game,Early AccessSeems like sales of Avalon Lords: Dawn Rises haven't been what they expected, as the developers have…

Lego Minifigures Online shutting down, say goodbye to our first official Lego game

Tags:Editorial,SteamOur first official Lego game Lego Minifigures Online was released last summer and it really wasn't all that good, it seems it's…

FPS game Insurgency and the Day of Infamy WWII mod updated

Tags:Steam,Mod,FPS,ActionInsurgency just keeps on getting better with a big new update, also updated is the WWI mod Day of Infamy. Insurgency has…

RymdResa, a peaceful space exploration game now available on Linux & SteamOS

Tags:Adventure,Indie Game,RPG,Roguelike,SteamOh yes! I have been really looking forward to doing some exploring in RymdResa and now it's available…

Editorial: Valve have not abandoned SteamOS or Linux, things are looking pretty good

Tags:Editorial,SteamOSSomething I keep seeing repeated in our comments, forum and across other sites is people believing Valve have somehow failed…

Please, Don’t Touch Anything now supports Linux, don't you dare touch that button

Tags:Indie Game,Puzzle,Steam You all just want to buy it so you can press the button don't you? I know I do. Please, Don’t Touch Anything is…

OmniBus, a next-to-last gen physics game about the most powerful bus in the universe

Tags:Steam,Racing,Indie GameSome developers descriptions of their games well and truly crack me up. OmniBus is described as a "next-to-last gen…