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grep vs AWK vs Ruby, and a uniq disappointment


In my data-cleaning work I often make up tallies of selected individual characters from big, UTF-8-encoded data files. What's the best way to do this? As shown below, I've tried grep/sort/uniq, AWK and Ruby, and AWK's the fastest. The trials also revealed an unexpected problem with the uniq program…

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Netflix flicks the 'On' Switch for Firefox on Linux


In news sure to please all Firefox users who also use the Netflix streaming service, it's now possible to do so without any user-agent tweaks or hacks. It now works out of the box, as Netflix themselves have finally done the necessary changes in the background to make Firefox recognised as a valid…

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GNOME 3.24 'Portland' Released


A bit over a month following the beta release of GNOME 3.23.91, the GNOME project has now released the latest version of the GNOME desktop, now at version 3.24, codenamed Portland. Some of the new features and fixes include: Calendar: A new week view, plus allowing Drag & Drop events to…

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Getting Baldurs Gate 2 Enhanced Edition to run on Linux (GOG Games)


If you are fortunate enough, your new shiny install of Baldurs Gate 2 Enhanced Edition will Just Work™. If you're on a fairly, what I call "late-model" distribution such as Arch Linux or OpenSUSE Tumbleweed or even one of the latest (non-LTS) versions of Ubuntu, you might run into some…

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CAT Interstellar; Do Androids Dream of Electric Dogs?


CAT Interstellar is an intriguing little indie game project currently in Early Access by Ionized Games set on Mars, during a time where humanity is in the middle of terraforming the Red Planet. Rather wisely, rather than sending and risking a bunch of humans on the planet, the powers that be…

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Streets of Rogue - Mindless Rogue-Like Adventure-GTA-Deus-Ex-Like Fun


That title ain't a mistake folks. And in truth, the title could have had even more words crammed in had I not been so conscious of not making it virtually unreadable. Streets of Rogue is exactly that, though: a rogue-like, an action-adventure with Grand Theft Auto (the old school ones) and RPG-lite…

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Scripting an arithmeticker


I've just built my own GUI calculator (script below). OK, you're probably thinking "WHY? There are plenty of perfectly good GUI calculators for Linux. Why build another one?" And my answer is "Because the available calculators are way too powerful and don't do what I want on-screen." I manage my…

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A Look at Ubuntu GNOME 17.04 Preview + Night Light


Even as a self-confessed Arch Linux guru (okay, not a guru, but Arch is definitely my "main" distro), I do have a soft spot for the GNOME variant of Ubuntu, after running various versions of Ubuntu GNOME on my ASUS laptop for a fairly extended amount of time. With the release of GNOME 3.24 just…

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Review: HITMAN - The Complete First Season


Here at TLR we recently had a 'first impressions' look at the newly released game in the Hitman series of video games. It is also the debut for the Hitman series on Linux, thanks to the porting efforts of Linux and Mac porting company, Feral Interactive. Having racked up more hours of gameplay and…

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Compiling Kodi 18 Leia (git) on OpenSUSE Tumbleweed


Being a rolling release distribution that touts the ability to have the latest stuff, you'll often find the very latest software in OpenSUSE Tumbleweed. In the official repos, anyway. Certain software that is procured from external repositories such as Packman, however, this is not always the case.…

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News Elsewhere

Ubuntu GNOME 17.04 Final Beta Features GNOME 3.24 with Night Light, Flatpak 0.8

GNOME 3.24 introduces a lot of attractive features that fans of the desktop environment will be able to enjoy as part of Ubuntu GNOME 17.04

WebTorrent Desktop: Instant Video Streaming App for Linux Desktop

fossmint: WebTorrent Desktop is a cross-platform open source torrent client with which you can instantly stream audio and video torrent files without waiting to completely download them

Modular, open source robotics kit lets you build your own 3D printer Labs's Cortex-M3 based "JuicyBoard" robotics kit is designed for building stepper motor controlled devices like 3D printers or CNC routers.

3 open source link shorteners

Want to build your own URL shortener? These open source projects make it easy.

Google Threatens to Distrust Symantec SSL/TLS Certificates

eWEEK: Google is warning that it intends to deprecate and remove trust in Symantec-issued SSL/TLS certificates, as Symantec shoots back that the move is unwarranted.

Mashape Raises $18M for API Gateway Tech

EnterpriseAppsToday: As APIs become the developer currency for a new age of computing, Mashape's star is rising.

OpenSSL Planning To Relicense Its Code

Phoronix: The OpenSSL project is planning to change its software license.

Open source job opportunities grow at crisis groups

Many initiatives are changing the nature of how open source and open data become priorities for humanitarians

GnuPG - An Easy Way To Encrypt/Decrypt Files From Command Line in Linux

GnuPG is a Free & open source utility based on OpenPGP standard which used to Encrypt & Decrypt files from the command line in Linux. Latest Articles

Humble Store has some noteworthy deals on this weekend

Tags: Game SaleOne thing before I go catch some rest: Humble Store are having a Square Enix sale this weekend so a few good Linux titles can be had…

Join us for the Portal 2 co-op livestream tonight at 20:30 UTC

Tags: LivestreamMyself and Samsai will once again be teaming up on a livestream to tackle Portal 2 co-op. Hopefully this time he won't troll me so…

Reminder: Update your PC info for the next round of statistics updates

Tags: Site Info, SurveyThis is your once a month reminder to make sure your PC information is correct on your user profiles. A fresh batch of…

Cheese Talks: Star Wars Games

Tags: EditorialHi people! This is a collection of excerpts from my recent Cheese Talks project on the history of Star Wars games focusing on titles…

Adventure game 'Beat Cop' launches in a few days and it has a new trailer

Tags: Adventure, Coming Soon, GOG, Humble Store, SteamBeat Cop [GOG, Steam, Humble Store] looks fantastic, with a glorious mix of high quality pixel…

Friday Livestream with Samsai at 6 PM UTC!

Tags: LivestreamYou know what day it is? It's Friday. And Friday means it's time for the damn Friday Livestream. With me, of course. So, drop…

Persia & Macedon coming to Civilization VI with a double content pack and a big update

Tags: Aspyr Media, Coming Soon, DLC, Steam, StrategyCivilization VI [Steam] is to get a Spring patch with balance changes and bug fixes, but we're…

AMD have announced 'Anvil', an MIT-licensed wrapper library for Vulkan

Tags: Toolkit, VulkanAMD are continuing their open source push with 'Anvil' a new MIT-licenses wrapper library for Vulkan. Its aim is to reduce the…

Guns N' Boxes plans Linux support, testers requested

Tags: Action, Steam, Indie Game, Early Access, Beta Guns N' Boxes [Steam, Official Site] a game that promised a Linux version during the Greenlight…

The Away Team, a sci-fi interactive fiction game, now available on Linux

Tags: Adventure, Indie GameThe Away Team, a sci-fi text-based adventure game by Underflow Studios, has officially been released on Linux. The minimum…

Megaquarium, a new and exciting looking simulation game about building your own aquarium

Tags: Coming Soon, Simulation, StrategyMegaquarium [Official Site], a brand new announcement from the developer of Big Pharma is a rather exciting…

Day of Infamy, the WWII FPS has been fully released and is officially available for Linux

Tags: Action, FPS, SteamDay of Infamy [Steam] is a very fun FPS from the developers of Insurgency. I've played a little while of it and found it…

Turns out The Swindle has a Linux beta, a short review

Tags: Review, Indie Game, Action, RPGThanks to Playstation Plus, I’m given a handful of free games to try out on my PS4 each month. Amongst…

Space Jammers, the nuts sci-fi top-down shooter is now on Steam (updated)

Tags: Action, Early Access, Indie Game,, SteamNote: Article has been updated now the version is up to date. Space Jammers [,…

Survival game 'MewnBase' has come along very nicely and now has weather systems

Tags: Early Access, Indie Game, Survival, I keep a keen eye on 'MewnBase' [] as it's a cute and simple survival game about a space cat…